Snowhotel Kirkenes

Snowhotel Kirkenes

Ice cubes in the glass, of course, but when the table, the chairs, the walls, the counter, the candlesticks, the decor and even the fireplace are made of ice, then it really is a snow hotel! Join us for an unforgettable visit to the hotel where everything is made of snow and ice.
Ice bar at Kirkenes Snow Hotel

About the excursion

You will be picked up by bus at the quay. Arriving at the snow hotel, you will meet the reindeer before you are welcomed inside for a drink in the ice bar. Visit the huskies in the kennel, and enjoy a snack in the restaurant before returning by bus.

Direction: Both Directions

Disembarkation port: Kirkenes

Embarkation port: Kirkenes

Time: 09:00-12:00 

Meal: Snacks and a welcome drink

Level: 1 (Read more)

Season: All year round

Min/max persons: 1-135

Booking reference: KKNB3

Price: Price list

Havila kids on Snowhotel Kirknes. Photo Marius Beck Dahle

As you visit the indoor world of ice, you also get to meet some of the animals that live in the cold polar region. Meet the reindeer that as you know pull Santa's sleigh, but which are both draft animals and domestic animals here in the North. Big, wild herds can be found throughout the white expanses and are an important part of Sami life and culture.  

After meeting the reindeer, the journey takes us to the ice bar for a cold welcome drink with juice from the wild Arctic crowberry. Next, we visit the huskies, and then a light meal is served on an ice table in a world of ice. You are surrounded by large, beautiful ice sculptures, the walls and windows are made of ice and snow, and while the flower vase might look like it is glass, it is also made of ice.  

On the way back to the Havila Voyages ship and weather permitting, there will also be a photo stop on Prestefjellet.

snowhotel kirkenes

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