The most eco-friendly ships on the Norwegian coastal route

Havila Castor in the Geirangerfjord - first sailing in world heritage Geiranger on battery. Photo: Marius Beck Dahle

A place to stay, sleep and eat and in surroundings that reflect the beautiful scenery we sail past. 

The internal décor of the ships is inspired by the sea, the sky, mountains and glaciers, and the food we serve are traditional dishes from the local towns and villages along the route.

You can view the Northern Lights and the midnight sun while seated in a comfortable lounge chair under the glass roof. Or perhaps you'd prefer to enjoy the views from a jacuzzi that is heated from surplus heat?

The world's largest battery packs

Four hours' sailing with zero emissions

Energy-efficient hull design

Locally sourced ingredients

Heat recovery from the sea and cooling water

Charging current from hydropower at the quay

Liquid natural gas that cuts Co2 emissions by 25 %

NOx emissions reduced by 90%

Facts about our vessels






124 m


22 m



Havila Capella - Next Generation Ship Award 2022

Havila Capella

Havila Castor, photo by Jan Olav Sundli

Havila Castor

Image of one of Havilas ships in black and white

Havila Polaris

Image of one of Havilas ships in black and white

Havila Pollux

Panoramic Superior at Havila Capella, photo by Johan Holmquist

All cabins have:

Free wifi

USB ports



Interior cabin at Havila Capella, photo by Johan Holmquist.

Interior & Interior Accessible

2 - 4 persons

10-15 m2

Inside cabins without a window

Single beds

Seaview Superior Accessible, photo by Johan Holmquist

Seaview Superior & Seaview Superior Accessible

2–4 persons

15 - 20 m² 

External cabin with sea view

Double bed or single beds

Balcony Deluxe accessible at Havila Capella, photo by Johan Holmquist.

Seaview Deluxe, Panoramic Views & Balcony Deluxe

Up to 4 persons

30 m² 

Double bed 

Spacious cabin

Junior Suite at Havila Capella, photo by Johan Holmquist

Junior Suite with Balcony

Up to 4 persons

22-25 m² 

Private balcony 6-9 m²

Queen size bed

Lighthouse suite on board Havila Capella, photo Johan Holmquist

Lighthouse suite

2 persons

45 m² 

Separate bedroom

Private balcony with jacuzzi

Welcome on board!

We invite you onboard Havila Voyages' ships with décor that reflects Norwegian landscapes including the sea, the sky, mountains and glaciers.

Explore the ships

Scallops served in own shell - Havila Food Stories -photo by Tom Haga

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