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Waiter taking orders in Havrand restaurant. Photo Marius Beck Dahle
As a new shipping company sailing along the magnificent Norwegian coast, Havila Voyages ensures your utmost comfort onboard our new, sustainable coastal cruise ships.  



Experience the power of nature; the majestic mountains, the vivid fjords, the stunning Northern lights dancing across the night sky, or the mesmerizing midnight sun, all while enjoying the modern comfort of a Havila Voyages coastal cruise ship.  



From the comfortable chairs beside the ship's numerous floor-to-ceiling windows, enjoy unrivalled views of the jagged cliffs and mountains, the seabirds, and the quaint villages along the coastline.



For many, the view itself justifies the voyage, but the inviting interior of our ships, with all they provide, is equally appealing to the senses.
Couple enjoying the view on deck 6. Photo Marius Beck Dahle


  • The interior mirrors Norwegian nature: sea and sky, mountains, and glaciers. Using natural materials and Nordic designs, we have established a warm, authentic, and relaxed atmosphere on board the ships.
  • The cuisine is a is a respectful tribute to our regional culinary traditions, ensuring that the delicious flavours will be savoured in your memory long after your journey is over.
  • With on-board facilities and entertainment, there is always an activity available, even when you prefer a break from admiring the passing scenery.
Panoramic Deck with jacuzzies

Enjoy the views and fresh air

Experience breath-taking views and fresh air from our promenade deck, viewing deck, and observation lounge.

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If you crave a breeze and open air, an outdoor deck and viewpoint on the bow, as well as a promenade on deck eight, await you.

At the ship's highest point, deck nine, you'll find Havblikk Bar & Lounge. Here, you can unwind in comfortable lounge chairs under a glass roof, offering clear views of the Northern Lights, starry nights, or the unique glow of the midnight sun.


Find unique clothing, souvenirs, books, and local specialties in the Havila Shop located on deck six, the heart of the ship.

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In the Havila Shop, you'll find all the essentials for your journey - from toiletries and select pharmacy items to practical clothing for your excursions. We stock renowned clothing brands such as Devold, Skogstad, and Dale of Norway. These high-quality clothes are designed specifically for the Norwegian climate. Our shop staff are on hand to help with recommendations and to assist you in finding the right clothing sizes.

The shop also provides a range of books, jewellery, local specialties, and souvenirs.

The opening hours for the Havila Shop can be found on board the ship.


Two lovely saunas are located on deck eight.

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The men's sauna is on the starboard side, while the women's sauna is on the port side. Both are conveniently situated near the changing facilities and Jacuzzis.

Did you know that using a sauna can provide several health benefits? For instance, it's suggested that sauna baths can decrease stress, enhance blood circulation, fortify the immune system, and promote better sleep quality.


Enjoy a warm bubble bath on the aft deck while taking in views of the mountains and fjord.

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This excellent spot on the ship's promenade on deck eight offers a relaxing activity to enjoy throughout the year. Please be aware that drinks are not permitted in the hot tub.

Reclining Chairs

For a short journey where a cabin isn't necessary, a recliner in our Port-to-Port Lounge is an excellent choice.

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The recliners can be booked in advance, or you can consult with the reception to reserve one on board.

These comfortable chairs, located on deck four, are ideal for a short break. Although this is a quiet area, the TV in the lounge is available for use.

The price includes water, coffee, and tea.

Café, Restaurants, and Bars

The ship houses two restaurants, a bar with panoramic views, a lobby shop, and a café.

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The ship houses two restaurants, a bar with panoramic views, a lobby shop, and a café. An outdoor bar opens whenever suitable. Menus feature local food and the finest Norwegian ingredients. Learn more about our unique food concept here.


Positioned by the window, you can exercise while enjoying the passing scenery.

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On deck seven, you'll discover two well-equipped fitness rooms. The starboard side offers treadmills, bikes, and rowing machines, while the port side features a varied selection of strength equipment and dumbells. Everything is organized for an efficient workout.

The view from the fitness rooms is truly spectacular, with large windows providing panoramic views of the beautiful landscape. If you wish to take a walk or jog while we're in harbour, we can suggest routes for you.

The Onboard Interior

The ship's interior reflects Norwegian quality and design, with materials and colours mirroring the scenic surroundings of your sailing journey.

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The furniture is supplied by well-known Norwegian manufacturers like Brunstad, Fora Form, and Ekornes. The mattresses are from Recticel in Åndalsnes.

Our ships also feature unique works of art by artists such as Ørnulf Opdahl, Cathrine Knudsen, Ingrid Haukelidsæter, and Frank Brunner.

On deck six, you'll find stories about shipowner Per Sævik and Havila's history, along with stories about coastal women, the indigenous coastal people of the North; the Sami, and medicine.

Medical Care

Ensuring your safety while traveling is a top priority for us.

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As we sail along the coast and near harbors, we do not have a permanent doctor on board. However, our staff is extensively trained in first aid and can provide basic medical assistance. Moreover, we have a dedicated safety officer to oversee the well-being of passengers and crew.

Located on deck four, we have a well-equipped hospital ward with two sick bays. In case of severe health issues, we have a direct connection to shore through digital assistance, ensuring prompt access to the necessary help. Additionally, three defibrillators are strategically placed on different decks for added safety.


Feel free to talk to us - we're here to share our knowledge and are committed to helping with any challenges!

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Our staff is friendly and welcoming, always going the extra mile to ensure every guest has the best possible experience onboard.

The promenade deck, encircling the entire ship, offers panoramic views.
Havila Deckplan December _colour adjusted

More about the ships

Soak up in the sea and nature in a cabin with private balcony. Photo: Marius Beck Dahle

Spacious and comfortable cabins

Havila Castor in Trollfjorden, photo Marius Beck Dahle

Norway's most environmentally friendly coastal cruise ships

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Bergen → Kirkenes → Bergen

Havila castor seen from Skageflå in the Geirangerfjord. Photo: Oclin
12 days

NorthboundVoyage North

Bergen → Kirkenes

North cape
6 days

SouthboundVoyage South

Kirkenes → Bergen

Reine in Lofoten. Photo credit: Marius Beck Dahle/Havila Kystruten
6 days

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