Spring Adventures with Havila Voyages

ship in the sunset

Witness Norway coming to life in a vibrant display of colors and vitality.

Be seduced by the majestic mountains, the vibrant fjords, and the charming coastal towns while enjoying the modern comfort of a Havila Voyages coastal cruise ship.   


A Spring Adventure

Experience the springtime enchantment of Norway's towering mountains, vibrant fjords, and picturesque coastal towns, all from the modern luxury of a Havila Voyages coastal cruise. 

ship in geiranger

Geiranger-season: Now including spring!

From 2025, you can enjoy fjord cruises to the stunning Geirangerfjord in April and May as well as the summer months.

Book your spring trip with Havila Kystruten and sail emission-free and silently in one of the world's most famous fjords during Norway's most beautiful season.

Spring Highlights


The Wild Landscapes of Norway

As Norway awakens in spring, the midnight sun illuminates breathtaking landscapes, making it an ideal time for outdoor activities and cultural exploration.

Reine in Lofoten. Photo credit: Marius Beck Dahle/Havila Kystruten

Lofoten Islands

Lofoten is renowned for it's dramatic peaks, pristine beaches, and picturesque fishing villages. Every photographer's paradise and a nature lover's dream. 

arctic circle christening

Arctic Circle

Our special ceremony when crossing the Arctic Circle is one of many fun events along the ride. You will get a special certificate — and your clothes full of ice (if you're up for it).

north cape plateau

North Cape

Witness the breathtaking beauty of the North Cape, where the rugged cliffs plunge into the Arctic Ocean. It will leave you in awe as you stand at the northernmost tip of Europe.

Find your spring voyage

Havila castor seen from Skageflå in the Geirangerfjord. Photo: Oclin

Round Voyage

Bergen → Kirkenes → Bergen

12 days
All 34 ports

  • The authentic coastal express visits 34 ports.
  • Close to nature and Norwegian communities.
  • Sail in silence on board our new ships.
  • Choose any of Norway's four seasons.
  • Check off bucket list experiences - Lofoten, Geiranger*, North Cape and many more.

SouthboundVoyage South

Kirkenes → Bergen

6 days

Reine in Lofoten. Photo credit: Marius Beck Dahle/Havila Kystruten
  • Tromsø
  • Lofoten
  • The coast of Helgeland
  • Nidaros Cathedral
  • The Atlantic Ocean Road

NorthboundVoyage North

Bergen → Kirkenes

7 days

North cape
  • Geirangerfjorden*
  • Ålesund
  • The arctic circle
  • North Cape
  • Tromsø


Explore more on shore

Havila Voyages_Norway_how to dress for the Norwegian summer_Photo by Marius Bech Dahle

Get the full experience on shore and discover the very finest of highlights along the Norwegian coast. 

Get a deeper, more authentic insight into the Norwegian coast with excursions handpicked by our very own team of experts. Discover Norway more deeply than you could ever imagine with activities ranging from fast paced adventures to cultural treasures.

Red cabin in Lofoten in spring

Discover nature and it's breathtaking landscapes.

Atlantic Ocean Road viewpoint

Famous landmarks ticked off your bucket list.

Colourful houses in Bergen, Photo: Endre Knudsen, VisitNorway

Learn about culture, history and the ports on shore.

sea eagle

See thriving wildlife up close in it's natural habitat.

Rib seen from above.

Fast paced adventures packed with action.

lofotr vikingmuseum-foto-kjell ove storvik-4

Connect with people and local traditions.

Excursion highlights

The Havila Voyages Experience

Discover Norway's spring in award winning ships.

Sail silently and comfortably in our new, modern fleet.

Voyages from 2-12 days on the historical coastal route.


Want to discover more?

Kristine working as a waiter on board. Photo Havila Kystruten/Marius Beck Dahle


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