Before travelling

Packing a red suite case before travelling.

When should I book?

As early as possible. This ensures that you can travel the way you want, and it is often cheaper if you book early. For port-to-port travels, you can book no earlier than six months in advance. 

Can I pay for my voyage online?

Yes you can. You can pay when booking your voyage.

  • Saver - 100 % paid upon booking, non-changeable, non-refundable
  • Flexi Saver - 100 % paid upon booking, changeable (no fee), and refundable (until 91 days prior to departure for admin fee).
  • Super Flex - pay 20 % when you book and the rest 42 days before the voyage. Changeable (no fee) and refundable (until 41 days prior to departure for admin fee).

Read more about our the options here

How do I get the confirmation of my booking?

As soon as your order is confirmed, you will receive all the necessary travel documents via email. Additionally, you can access your documentation and all information related to your trip by logging into "My Voyage" at any time. If you prefer to have a paper copy of your trip details and ticket, you may print them out for convenience during check-in and boarding.


Can I upgrade my cabin?

Yes, if there is spare capacity, you can upgrade the cabin at any time.


What other papers do I need to bring?

Everyone must bring a valid ID and passport for identification on our longer voyages. Passports are not required for port-to-port travels.


Do travelers from the Schengen area need a passport?

No, for people living in the Schengen area, it is sufficient to have an internationally approved ID card. However, passports are a safe and well-known system of identification that will always be approved.


What insurance do I need?

All passengers are required to have a valid travel insurance.

Havila Voyage's guidelines for passengers and special terms are part of the contract between the passenger and the shipping company. This information, as well as the terms for booking, payment, insurance and so on can be found at


Where can I find the terms and conditions for the trip?

A detailed overview of the terms and conditions can be found here, or you can contact Havila's customer center.


Do I need special vaccines before the trip?

At the moment there is no vaccine requirements when traveling to Norway. Due to the current COVID-situation we ask you to follow guidelines from your home country and the Norwegian government. Read more: Rules upon entry into Norway.


Allergies and alternative menus

We take allergies into account and can offer, for example, gluten-free and lactose-free alternatives. We also serve vegetarian and vegan dishes. We appreciate it if you tell us about allergies and wishes for alternatives in advance. This can be done at booking and via Havila's customer center from three weeks before departure.


What should I bring with me?

Warm clothes, a hat and wool underwear are needed all year round. Even a nice summer day at sea can be chilly in Norway. Wind and waterproof clothing will come in handy and good and solid shoes for excursions ashore are also necessary. Binoculars to perceive the nature experiences even closer are a useful travel tool. The same goes for the camera so you can immortalize the memories and share the experience with others when you get home. You should have medicines and other necessary items in your hand luggage since other luggage may arrive at the cabin later than you.


How can I book excursions?

You order through our web page or via Havila's customer center.


Can I take a bicycle or electric bicycle aboard?

Bicycles can be added to the trip for a fee upon booking. Contact the customer center at (+ 47) 700 0 7 070 if you need any help. Note that the electric bike and battery must be stored in the designated place. Charging on board is not permitted.


Can I bring an electric scooter aboard?

You can bring an electric scooter, but charging it is unfortunately prohibited on board. The batteries and electric scooters with integrated batteries must be stored in a designated location. Electric scooters in which the batteries have been removed can be stored in the cabin.


Can I bring a car?

We only allow cars on board for the entire stretch from Bergen to Kirkenes or from Kirkenes to Bergen, not from individual ports. The car can be no longer than 5.2 meters, with a maximum width of 2.25 meters, and a maximum height of 2.1 meters. You must book a car in advance if you want to bring it on the ship. Electric, hybrid, and hydrogen cars are prohibited on board.

Can I bring weapons on board?

Yes, but weapons must be handed in at check-in and kept by the crew.

Prices and categories

What price categories does Havila Voyages have?

The cheapest ticket is Saver. Flexi Saver and Super Flex cost more, but provide greater flexibility when it comes to changes and cancellations. Read more: Choose your Price.


What rules apply to cancellation?

It depends on which ticket you have. Different categories have different cancellation policies.


Can I change my voyage?

It also depends on which ticket you have and which category you have ordered.


Are there any discounts for children?

Children from four years up to and including 15 years travel for half price. Children under 4 travel for free when not using their own bed.


How old do I have to be to travel alone with Havila Voyages?

The lower age limit for children traveling alone is 12 years. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to travel overnight. Companions for children under 12 years must be over 18 years. For children traveling alone, we need personal information and contact information of the parents and of the person who will pick up the child.


Special prices and Travelers

For Norwegian travelers from port to port, the following applies:

– «Honor» ticket with a 50 percent discount for travelers over the age of 67 or travelers with a Norwegian «honor» card. Same discount for companions, spouses or registered partners, regardless of age.– 50 percent discount for blind and disabled people. Companions on a companion card issued by the municipality may travel free of charge.– Conscripts who travel in uniform receive a 50 percent discount.– Students (up to 32 years) with a valid Norwegian student certificate receive a 50 percent discount.– The discounts are not for cabins and meals.


How much does a child bed cost?

250 NOK.

The journey to and from the ship

Bergen, photo: Lachlan Gowen

How do I get to the ship?

If you are traveling to or from Norway by plane, you can book your flight with Norwegian, SAS, Logan Air, KLM, or Wideroe.


There are direct flights to Bergen from approximately 30 airports around the world, such as London, Manchester Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris. The arrival and departure time of the ship allows you to connect from and to many flights without requiring extra overnights. KLM offers great regional connections from across the UK and many European Airports.  

From the airport, you can take the airport express bus or the Bergen Light Rail to the city center.  The airport express bus (Flybussen) takes you from the airport, through its regular route past the hotels in the city center and to the Jektevik Terminal at the harbor.   

In Bergen, we also offer a 48-hour bus ticket.

 If you are traveling by plane to or from Kirkenes, you can book your flight with Norwegian, SAS, or Wideroe with the majority of international connections via Oslo.   

If you are traveling by plane to or from Trondheim, you can book your flight with Norwegian, SAS, KLM, or  Wideroe. There is an airport bus going from the airport to the city center.   

If you are traveling by plane to or from Tromsø, you can book your flight with Norwegian, SAS, Logan Air, KLM, or Wideroe. There is an airport shuttle to the city center. At Tromsø Airport there are several direct routes to international cities such as London and Copenhagen as well as other routes with connections mainly via Oslo.      

UK departure points

Norwegian flies from London Gatwick, Manchester, and Edinburgh.

SAS flies from London Heathrow, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen.

Logan Air flies from Edinburgh, Aberdeen, and Newcastle. 

KLM flies from Birmingham, Bristol, Humberside, Leeds/Bradford, London city, London Heathrow, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Southampton, Teesside, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Cardiff, and Belfast City .

Havila Voyages does not currently sell flights. You can either book your flight separately or, if you would rather like a flight-inclusive package, book through a bonded tour operator or travel agency.

Traveling by train

You can also get to Bergen and Trondheim by train. From the train station, you can get to the ship by taxi or organized transportation (see next question). In Bergen, you will find the Havila Voyages in Nøstegaten 30. The Addresses of the other ports in which Havila Voyages docks can be found at

Has Havila Voyages organized transport from airports and train stations to the ports?

Yes, we have airport services to the ports of Bergen and Kirkenes. The transport also passes by hotels in the city center. In Bergen, we also organize transport from the train station. Transportation can be ordered upon booking or on MyVoyage after booking.    

On departures from Bergen and Kirkenes you can add a 48-hour bus ticket to your order. The airport bus takes you from the airport, through its regular route past the hotels in the city center and to the terminal in the harbour. Your Havila booking Confirmation works as your Voucher, simply present your voucher to the bus driver when boarding the coach. The departures are evenly distributed throughout the day, with the last departure at 19:30.  



Can I book connecting travels through the Havila Voyages and book a plane or train at the same time as I book my trip with Havila Voyages?

Unfortunately, we do not have this option yet. If you book through a travel agency, they will arrange your trip so that you arrive at Havila Voyages in the best possible way.


When should I check in?

It depends on at which port you go on board. In general, check-in closes 15 minutes before departure. You do not need to check in in advance, but show up and get on board the ship well in advance. You are responsible for arriving on time, the ship must keep the route and can not wait. Therefore, Ensure that you have plenty of time when you arrive by plane. 

In Bergen, the check-in is at the terminal ashore between 4 and 8 p.m., and you get access to the cabin from approximately 6 p.m..In Kirkenes the check-in is at 11 a.m. and you get access to the cabin as soon as they are ready.


Where can I deliver my luggage?

In Bergen and Kirkenes you can deliver your luggage at the check-in and it will be transported to the cabin. In other ports, you must carry your own luggage on board and to the cabin. Knives and other weapons are prohibited and will be seized. The same holds true with other dangerous goods.


When should I check out?

Regular check-out from cabins is at noon, but some ports have other times: Bergen at 10 a.m., Kirkenes and Trondheim at 8 a.m. and Tromsø on the southbound Journey at 8 p.m.. It is possible to purchase later check-out at the reception if it is available.


Is there an organized transport from the ship to the airport or train station?

Yes, we have an airport service from the ports of Bergen and Kirkenes. In Bergen, we also have transport to the train station.

Facilities on board

Is there Wi-fi on board the ships?

Yes, Havila Voyages offers free Wi-Fi.


Do the ships have gyms?

Yes, our new ships have two well-equipped fitness rooms with sea views on deck seven. The fitness rooms have treadmills, rowing machines, bicycles and various manuals.

Gym with people. Copyright Havila Voyages

Are there telephones in the cabins?

There is a telephone in the cabins so you can call the reception on board the ship. You can not make or receive calls from outside the ship. Those at home can call the ships reception to get in touch with you.


Are there televisions in the cabins?

Yes, there is a television in every cabin with international channels.



There is a sauna on board, one for men and one for women. These are close to the jacuzzies and the large outdoor area on deck eight.



Our new ships have outdoor jacuzzies at the large outdoor area on deck eight.


Is there a playroom on board?

Yes, the ships have a playroom at the bow lounge on deck 6.


Can I bring a car?

We only allow cars on board for the entire stretch from Bergen to Kirkenes or from Kirkenes to Bergen, not from individual ports. The car can be no longer than 5.2 meters, with a maximum width of 2.25 meters, and a maximum height of 2.1 meters. You must book a car in advance if you want to bring it on the ship.Electric, hybrid, and hydrogen cars are prohibited on board.


Can I bring a camper?

No, unfortunately there is no room for campers on board.


Can I send freight and goods?

Yes, you can do that. Please contact our partner Nor Lines.

Life on Board

Main restaurant with red chairs and people.

What can I buy on board?

On board the ship there is a café and a shop. In the café you can buy snacks and simple meals. In the shop you can buy toiletries, reading material and souvenirs as well as woolen clothes, outerwear and practical things such as drinking bottles, backpacks and binoculars.


How do I dress on board?

You are traveling in nature, the dress code is casual and you do not need to dress up for dinner.

Can I wash the clothes on board?

The ship has three washing machines, three dryers and equipment so you can iron clothes.


How do I pay on board?

The official currency is NOK, but the main means of payment on board is credit cards - Visa, Mastercard and American Express.


Should I tip on board?

Service charge is included, but you can tip if you like to.


What happens if I get sick on board?

We have a sickroom and a security officer on board. If you need to see a doctor or go to the hospital, it will be arranged at a stop at the nearest port. If the condition is critical and acute, you can be picked up by a rescue helicopter. Travelers must have travel insurance.


Where can I have my medicines that need to be stored cold?

There are cooling drawers on all exterior cabins of all categories. If you stay in an interior cabin, do you have to contact the reception on board, they will help you with a solution.


What languages are spoken on board?

The crew speaks Norwegian, English and/or German. Written information is also available in these languages.


How are the power outlets on board?

On board the ship, the voltage is 220V. If you need an adapter, you can buy it on board.


How do I receive the security information?

Before departure in Bergen and Kirkenes, all passengers must participate in a mandatory safety training. There is also information about safety and warning systems, emergency exits, life jackets and lifeboats on screens on board. In addition, security videos with what you need to know will be shown on TV screens the whole time. The information is provided in Norwegian, English and German.


Can I smoke on board?

There is a designated smoking area on deck 8 in addition to the fact that you can smoke outside on your own balcony if you have chosen such a cabin type.


Allergies and alternative menus

We take allergies into account and can offer, for example, gluten-free and lactose-free alternatives. We also serve vegetarian and vegan dishes. We appreciate it if you tell us about allergies and wishes for alternatives in advance. This can be done via Havila's customer center from three weeks before departure.


Can I drink tap water?

Yes, generally it is safe to drink tap water in Norway.  Onboard the ship, we have water dispensers on deck 6 and 7.


Is the ship adapted for disabled people?

Yes, the entire ship is adapted for the disabled passengers in addition to the fact that we have several cabins that are wheelchair accessible. We also have cabins for those traveling with a guide dog.

Can drones be operated from the ship?

No, it is forbidden to fly drones on board/from the ship. If you are going to use your drone on land, you must check and register as an operator at In addition, you must have knowledge of local drone regulations which you can find here: and Prohibition zones; Regulations for drone flight are under the Norwegian Aviation Authority's responsibility.

Food and beverage

Steak from the menu.

Where and when can I eat?

Travelers with full board receive breakfast, lunch and dinner in the main restaurant. You can also buy both hot and cold food in the café, which is open from morning until late at night.


Can we book a table in advance? 

You can book a table in the fine dining-restaurant on board in advance. In the main restaurant a table is assigned to you and you can keep the same table throughout the journey. All meals when traveling with full board are served in the main restaurant. Meals in the fine dining-restaurant are something you might also buy.

When are the different meals served?

We adapt the opening hours of our restaurants with the sailing route and to when we arrive and travel from the various ports.


What kind of drinks are included in the voyage?

There is still water for free on board. This will  be served for every meal together with coffee and tea. For breakfast you will also have orange juice, apple juice and milk. 


What will food and drinks cost on board?

If you travel with a full pension, breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.


Is it allowed to bring alcohol?

No, for your own and others' safety, it is not allowed to bring alcohol or other drugs.


Can you order room service?

Suite guests both in presidential suites and junior suites have room service with no addition cost for delivery. Other travelers can also order from the on board-menu and have the food delivered, but have to pay a an extra fee for delivery.

Experiences, excursions and trips ashore

The Atlantic Road in the sunset. Photo:

What kind of excursions are offered?

We have many excursions both to cultural highlights and out into nature. The vast majority are easily accessible. You can read more about all the excursions here, or get answers to questions at Havila's customer center.


How can I book excursions?

You order through the booking system or via Havila's customer center.

How long before the voyage do I have to book excursions?

You can book them as soon as you have booked your trip. Then you can also log on to "My Voyages" and add excursions whenever you want. Some of the excursions are very popular and can be sold out quickly, so you may want to book well in advance. In case of too few registrations, excursions can be canceled, also therefore it will be wise to book well in advance so that the organizer gets an early overview of how many people want to join.


How demanding are the excursions and are they adapted for disabled passengers?

Our excursions vary and are divided into three different levels. The vast majority are at levels 1 and 2 with only moderate physical activity. You can see more about level division here. In addition, the excursions are marked with levels 1, 2 and 3 and have more detailed information about the implementation and whether they are not suitable for disabled passengers.


How much is it for children?

Children up to 12 years pay half price. Children from zero to three years are free.


Do we get food on the excursions?

Some of the excursions have no meals or  only simple snacks and drinks, while other excursions offer whole meals. This is described in more detail under each excursion. If you have booked a trip with a full pension on the ship and cannot attend a meal on board because you are out on an excursion, this meal will not be refunded. 


What happens when there is an excursion at the same time as a meal on board? 

The food is an important part of the journey with Havila Voyages. That's why you can usually book your table in the main restaurant at a time that doesn't conflict with the excursion. However, you must remember to order this yourself at the reception. Alternatively, you can have a meal at any time in the Havly Cafe.  


What languages are spoken on the excursions?

Most of our excursions are held in Norwegian, English and German. Further information here.


Havila stops in 34 ports, can I go on land in all?

Havila Voyages stops at 34 ports on northbound journeys and 33 on southbound journeys. You can basically go ashore in all ports, but in some places we stop in the middle of the night and in other ports there are only short stops. In many ports, however, the ship stays for a while so you have time to look around and participate in our excursions. See the sailing schedule here.


Are the excursions safe and infection-free?

Health and safety for passengers has the highest priority for the Havila Coastal Route. Therefore, we have specified and strict contracts also with those who arrange excursions. Read more about infection control on the excursions here. 


When should I travel?

The trip along the Norwegian coast differs from season to season, so when you should travel, depends on what you want to experience. The summer is bright and lively with many travelers and opportunities for the midnight sun. In the winter, there are fewer people traveling, it is dark all day in the north - but then you can also experience the northern lights and Arctic conditions. In the spring you can experience the starting of summer days in the south and ending up in the winter in the north. And in the autumn, the green landscape of the summer will have changed to yellow, orange and red. And with Norway's changing weather conditions, you can experience all seasons no matter what time of year you travel!


When will I see the northern lights?

To see the northern lights, it must be dark and not very cloudy. When the northern lights come into view, the passengers are notified so that you can see the impressive sight. If you want, you can also be told in the cabin at night that there are northern lights.

The strongest and most northern lights happen in late autumn and early spring. October, February and March are the best northern lights months. Although there are mostly northern lights in the north, in clear weather and darkness you can experience the northern lights on the entire voyage along the coast.


When is the polar night?

Polar night is when it is completely dark all day long. It only occurs north of the Arctic Circle and during these periods:

  • Nordkapp November 18 - January 23
  • Hammerfest  November 20 -  January 21
  • Vardø November 21 - January 20
  • Tromsø November 25 - January 16
  • Harstad November 30 - January 11
  • Svolvær Desember 4 - January 7
  • Bodø December 15 - December 28


When can I see the midnight sun?

It is bright all night in the middle of summer in Norway, but it is only north of the Arctic Circle that you can see the entire solar disk above the horizon. And in northern Norway, as in the rest of the world, there must be few clouds, to see the sun.

  • Nordkapp 13. 05. - 31. 07.
  • Hammerfest 16. 05. - 28. 07.
  • Vardø 16. 05. - 28. 07.
  • Tromsø 20. 05. - 25. 07.
  • Harstad 24.05. - 20. 07.
  • Svolvær28. 05. - 17. 07.
  • Bodø 03.06. - 11.07.

The cabins

Seaview cabin double bed

How many can stay in the same cabin?

Some of the cabins can accommodate two and some up to four people. See more about the cabins here.

How big are the beds? 

The single bed is 80 cm wide and 2 meters long. The double beds are 150 centimeters wide and two meters long. In the suites on deck eight, the double beds are 180 centimeters wide and two meters long. The double beds on board are equipped with two duvets, not a large one.

Do I get a cabin for myself even if I travel alone?

Yes, you do not have to share a cabin with anyone.

Are there cabins for disabled passengers on board?

Havila Voyages is adapted for disabled people, and we have 18 cabins that are wheelchair accessible. Ten of these are interior accessible cabins, 6 are seaview accessible and two are seaview deluxe accessible with balconies. These must be ordered directly via Havila's customer center.


Comfort chairs for you who travel without a cabin

Havila Voyages has a separate area on deck 4 with comfort chairs that those who travel from port to port without a cabin can order. A comfort chair costs 249 kroner. If your port-to-port journey is overnight, your journey includes a Comfort chair.


Do all cabins have bathrooms?

Yes, there are private bathrooms with showers in all cabins.


Is it allowed to travel with a dog or other pets?

Havila Voyages does not allow travelers to bring animals on board, except from the following:

  • Guide dogs and service dogs that are specially trained to perform tasks for blind or severely visually impaired people, or for people with physical disabilities. These dogs are welcome in common areas on board except from the restaurants. If the guest is traveling with a cabin, only pet-friendly cabins without floor carpet are allowed with a guide dog/service dog.
  • Travelers with a guide dog / service dog must bring documentation that the animal is approved as a guide dog or service dog.
  • For port-to-port voyages over short distances of less than 24 hours, it will be possible to bring small dogs or cats. Travelers must bring their own cage in which the animal must be kept during the entire voyage. In such cases, the animal must be kept on the car deck during the entire voyage. It is not allowed to bring the animal into common areas or cabins. Travelers themselves are responsible for supervising the animal during the voyage. Checkups on the animal must be agreed with the reception.

Havila Voyages disclaims any responsibility in connection with the transport of animals.Any insurance policies must be covered in full by the owner of the animal.If a guide dog/service dog causes damage on board the ship or offends/damages passengers or the ship's crew, all costs in this connection will be charged to the animal's owner.


Facilitation for guests with disabilities

Accessible bad

Are there cabins for disabled guests on board?

Havila Voyages is adapted for disabled people, and we have 18 cabins that are accessible for wheelchair users. They all include shower chairs. Ten of these cabins are interior plus cabins, six are seaview plus, and two are junior suites with balconies. These cabins must be ordered directly via Havila Voyages’ customer service.

Is there enough space for wheelchair users to easily get around the ship?

The ships have wide corridors and large common areas, making it easy to maneuver a wheelchair no matter where you are on the ship.


What kind of aid do you have for the hearing impaired?There are teleloops installed at the reception, in the shop, in the café, and at the butler’s right outside the main restaurant.A vibrating alarm can be obtained on request at the reception desk. You place it under your pillow, and it will wake you in the event of an emergency.


Do you have information signs for blind and visually impaired guests?There is braille on the railings at the stairs, signs with cabin numbers, signs outside the HC toilet, and in common areas.


How do wheelchair users board the ship?The ship has a gangway lift with a weight limit of 225 kg.


Do you have wheelchairs onboard? There is one wheelchair on board. It is expected that wheelchair users bring their own equipment.


Do you have crutches on board?No. People with reduced mobility are encouraged to bring the necessary equipment themselves.