Health and safety

Get information about health and safety during your journey along the norwegian coast with Havila Voyages.

What happens if I get sick on board?

We have a sickroom and a security officer on board. If you need to see a doctor or go to the hospital, it will be arranged at a stop at the nearest port. If the condition is critical and acute, you can be picked up by a rescue helicopter. Travelers must have travel insurance.

Where can I have my medicines that need to be stored cold?

There are cooling drawers on all exterior cabins of all categories. If you stay in an interior cabin, do you have to contact the reception on board, they will help you with a solution.

How do I receive the security information?

Before departure in Bergen and Kirkenes, all passengers must participate in a mandatory safety training. There is also information about safety and warning systems, emergency exits, life jackets and lifeboats on screens on board. In addition, security videos with what you need to know will be shown on TV screens the whole time. The information is provided in Norwegian, English, and German.

Can I smoke on board?

There is a designated smoking area on deck 8 in addition to the fact that you can smoke outside on your own balcony if you have chosen such a cabin type.

Can I drink tap water?

Yes, generally it is safe to drink tap water in Norway. Onboard the ship, we have water dispensers on deck 6 and 7.

Can drones be operated from the ship?

No, it is forbidden to fly drones on board/from the ship. If you are going to use your drone on land, you must check and register as an operator at In addition, you must have knowledge of local drone regulations which you can find at Miljødirektoratet, and Prohibition zones at National Safety Administration. Regulations for drone flight are under the Norwegian Aviation Authority's responsibility.