Everything you need to know regarding port-to-port travels with Havila Voyages.

Note that food is not included for port-to-port voyages, and must be purchased as either a meal package during the booking process, or on board from the ship café.

How old do I have to be to travel alone with Havila Voyages?

The lower age limit for children traveling alone is 12 years. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to travel overnight. Companions for children under 12 years must be over 18 years. For children traveling alone, we need personal information and contact information of the parents and of the person who will pick up the child.

Special prices and Travelers

For Norwegian travellers from port to port, the following applies (The discounts are for port-to-port only, and does not apply forcabins and meals): 

Honor: ticket with a 50 percent discount for travellers over the age of 67 or travellers with a Norwegian “honor-card”. Same discount for companions, spouses, or registered partners, regardless of age. 

Disabled people: 50 percent discount for blind and disabled people. Companions on a companion card issued by the municipality may travel free of charge. 

Military: Conscripts who travel in uniform receive a 50 percent discount. 

Students: Up to 32 years with a valid Norwegian student certificate receive a 50 percent discount. 

Where can I stay if I travel without cabin accommodation?

Havila Voyages has a separate area on deck 4 with comfort chairs that those who travel from port to port without a cabin can order. A comfort chair costs 249 kroner. If your port-to-port journey is overnight, your journey includes a Comfort chair.

Can I send freight and goods?

Yes, you can do that. Please contact our partner Nor Lines.