Everything you need to know about accessibility on board Havila Voyages.

Is the ship adapted for disabled people

Yes, the entire ship is adapted for the disabled passengers in addition to the fact that we have several cabins that are wheelchair accessible. We also have cabins for those traveling with a guide dog.

Are there cabin options for guests with disabilities?

Havila Voyages is adapted for people with disabilities, and we have 18 cabins that are wheelchair accessible. Ten of these are Interior accessible cabins, 6 are Seaview accessible and two are Seaview deluxe accessible with balconies. These must be ordered directly via Havila's customer centre.

Is there enough space for wheelchair users to easily get around the ship?

The ships have wide corridors and large common areas, making it easy to manoeuvre a wheelchair no matter where you are on the ship.

What kind of aid do you have for the hearing impaired?

There are tele loops installed at the reception, in the shop, in the café, and at the butler’s right outside the main restaurant. A vibrating alarm can be obtained on request at the reception desk. You place it under your pillow, and it will wake you in the event of an emergency.

Do you have information signs for blind and visually impaired guests?

There is braille on the railings at the stairs, signs with cabin numbers, signs outside the HC toilet, and in common areas.

How do wheelchair users board the ship?

The ship has a gangway lift with a weight limit of 225 kg.

Do you have wheelchairs onboard?

There is one wheelchair on board. It is expected that wheelchair users bring their own equipment.

Do you have crutches on board?

No, unfortunately. People with reduced mobility are encouraged to bring the necessary equipment to ensure individual needs are met.