Food and beverage

Learn about our dining facilities, meals, menus and options, and what food and beverage is included in your voyage.

Where can I find information about the dining facilities?

Information about our restaurants, opening hours, dining times and menus can be found on our page "Food and dining".

Which meals are included?

Your voyage includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, featuring high-quality à la carte meals made from locally sourced ingredients. Enjoy the freedom to savor as many dishes as you like.

What kind of drinks are included in the voyage? Do you have beverage packages?

Complimentary still water is provided with every meal, along with coffee and tea. During breakfast, you can choose from orange juice, apple juice, or milk. Other beverages are available at an additional cost, and we also offer beverage packages.

Where and when can I eat?

Havrand is our main restaurant, where all standard meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served. For a variety of hot and cold food options, visit Havly Café on Deck 6, open from morning until late night.

Can we book a table in advance?

You will get a table assigned to you to keep the entire journey earliest at the port terminal in Bergen before departure. Otherwise, you'll get a table assigned the first time you arrive at Havrand restaurant on deck 6.

Can I eat at Hildring Fine Dining?

You can book a table in our fine-dining restaurant Hildring both online before departure, and on board by contacting the crew. This will incur an additional cost.  

Can you prepare meals according to my dietary restrictions?

We do our best to accommodate your dietary needs. To help us meet your expectations, please contact our customer center at least three weeks before departure. You may also inform our crew on board but note that last-minute requests may be harder to fulfill. We’ll always try to accommodate specific dietary needs, but within reasonable limits.

Are vegetarian or vegan meal options available on board?

We offer a wide array of vegetarian dishes with the same culinary excellence as our other menu items. While we also have some vegan options, we advise you to contact our customer service at least three weeks in advance for specific requirements so that we can better meet your expectations.

What food and drinks come at an additional cost?

If you travel with a full pension, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included. Beverages and non-included meals such as snacks and packaged products can be bought at an additional cost.

Can I order room service?

As a guest with us, you can enjoy room service by ordering from the onboard menu and having the food delivered to your cabin for an additional delivery fee.