Get information about what you'll find inside your cabin on board as well as cabin sizes, accommodation and more.

How many can stay in the same cabin?

Some of the cabins can accommodate two and some up to four people. See more about the cabins on our cabin page.


How big are the beds?

The single bed is 80 cm wide and 2 meters long. The double beds are 150 centimetres wide and two meters long. In the suites on deck eight, the double beds are 180 centimetres wide and two meters long. The double beds on board are equipped with two duvets, not a large one.

Do I get a cabin for myself even if I travel alone?

Yes, you will never have to share a cabin with anyone not mentioned as a fellow passenger in your booking details.

Are there cabins for disabled passengers?

Havila Voyages is adapted for people with disabilities, and we have 18 cabins that are wheelchair accessible. Ten of these are Interior accessible cabins, 6 are Seaview accessible and two are Seaview deluxe accessible with balconies. These must be ordered directly via Havila's customer centre.

Do all cabins have bathrooms?

Yes, there are private bathrooms with showers in all cabins.

Are there telephones in the cabins?

There is a telephone in the cabins so you can call the reception on board the ship. You cannot make or receive calls from outside the ship. Those at home can call the ships reception to get in touch with you.

Are there televisions in the cabins?

Yes, there is a television in every cabin with international channels.