Life on board

Everything you need to know about daily life as a guest on Havila Voyages.

Where can I find more information about life on board?

You can learn more on the information channels on your cabin TV. We also have screens in public areas on board with information about the daily schedule, excursions, events, dining times and much more. You will also find a printed pamphlet with essential information for our guests.

What languages are spoken on board?

The crew speaks Norwegian, English and/or German. Written information is also available in these languages.

What can I buy on board?

On board there is a café, a bar and a shop. In the café and bar you can buy snacks, beverages and meals (café). In the shop you can buy toiletries, books,  souvenirs, clothes, outerwear, and practical things such as drinking bottles, backpacks, and binoculars.

How do I dress on board?

You are traveling in nature; the dress code is casual, and you do not need to dress up for dinner.

Can I wash clothes on board?

Yes, you can wash your clothes in the laundry facilities at deck 4 and 5. There are three washing machines that automatically dispense soap, three dryers, and ironing equipment.

How do I pay on board?

The official currency is NOK, but the main means of payment on board is credit cards - Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Should I tip on board?

Service charge is included, but you can tip if you like to.

How are the power outlets on board?

On board the ship, the voltage is 220V. If you need an adapter, you can buy it on board.