Check-in and embarkation

Learn about the check-in process, required documents, and the specific embarkation protocol to follow to ensure a swift and efficient start to your departure.

Port address and check-in times

Detailed information about port and terminal addresses and check-in times can be found on our port information page.


When should I check in?

In general, check-in closes 15 minutes before departure. It depends on at which port you go on board.

You do not need to check in in advance but show up and get on board the ship well in advance. You are responsible for arriving on time, the ship must keep the route and cannot wait. Therefore, ensure that you have plenty of time when you arrive by plane. Information about specific ports can be found on our website.



In Bergen, check-in is at the terminal ashore between 4 and 8 PM, and you get access to the cabin from approximately 6 PM. 



In Kirkenes, check-in can be done on board at 11 AM and you'll get access to the cabin as soon as they are ready.


When should I check out?

It is possible to purchase later check-out at the reception if it is available. In general, regular check-out from cabins is at noon. Some ports have other times: 

  • Bergen: 10 AM
  • Kirkenes and Trondheim: 8 AM 
  • Tromsø (southbound): 8 PM 

Where can I deliver my luggage?

Bergen and Kirkenes: deliver your luggage at the check-in, and it will be transported to the cabin. 

Other ports: you must carry your own luggage on board and to the cabin. Knives and other weapons are prohibited and will be seized. The same holds true with other dangerous goods.