The Norwegian coast offers many exciting experiences

Vacated house in Lofoten. Photo by Vidar Nordli Mathiesen at

The Norwegian coast, with its deep fjords and high mountains, its huge glaciers and myriad of islands and islets, awaits for you on this classic voyage between Bergen and Kirkenes. In summer, there is the midnight sun. And in winter,  in the long polar night, the Northern Lights dance across the sky.

A cruise with Havila Voyages offers peace and a chance to experience nature up close. It offers fresh air and salt, sea breezes, narrow fjords and the ocean's vast expanse.

Each season has its own special highpoints, and there are few places where these are more striking than in Norway.

In spring, the snow starts to retreat up the sides of the mountains, and the landscape explodes into various shades of green. In summer, the days are mild, and north of the Arctic Circle the sun does not set below the horizon. When autumn comes, the air becomes crisper, and a symphony of warm autumn colours descends over the landscape. In winter, the snow falls, and in clear weather you can see the Northern Lights.

Natural phenomenon

Couple enjoying the Northern Lights.

Northerns Lights

From October to March, the Northern Lights dance in the sky in northern Norway, best seen on dark, clear nights. 

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Northern Lights on your voyage

Midnight sun

Midnight Sun

The midnight sun is in the north from the end of March to the end of June, and the sun remains above the horizon day and night. 

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Norwegian nature

Reine in Lofoten, mountains around a fjord. Photo: Ferdinand Stohr, unsplash


The Norwegian landscape with its high mountains plunging into deep fjords is renowned for its beauty.

Geiranger. Photo:


There are hundreds of fjords along the Norwegian coast, and many of the ones we sail through are on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

Mountain with glacier. Photo


Not all snow melts during the summer. There are currently around 1,600 glaciers in Norway.
Svolvær. Photo: Unsplash/Valdemaras


Norway has 240,000 large and small islands, and thereby the world's second longest coastline.
Autumn in Lofoten.

A fairy tale with four chapters

Each season has its own special highpoints and distinctive traits. There are few places where this variation is more striking than in Norway.

Two mooses. Photo Torbjørn Martinsen/

Nature and wildlife

Norway has a great diversity in what lives and grows in Norwegian nature; in the sea, in the air and on land.

Active adventures

Dog Sledding with huskies

Havila excursions

Whether you want to go crab fishing, take a stroll around town or dog sledding under the Northern Lights, the excursions enhance your coastal voyage.
A woman hiking during midnight sun. Active vacation in Norway. Located on Andøya island in Vesterålen north of Norway. Sunset and backpack girl.

Independent excursions

Mountain hikes, fishing, kayaking, camping - or just enjoying the tranquillity? There are many adventures you can go on without a guide.

Architecture and culture

Borgund Stave Church, photo: Øyvind Heen,


The beautiful stave churches are one of Norway's foremost contributions to international building history.

Utvær fyr. Photo Lillian Herland


Along the Norwegian coast there are over 2,000 lighthouses, many of which are popular attractions.

People by the campfire in nitted woolsweaters from Devold. Photo: Devold.

Shopping in Norway

There are many Norwegian specialities that you can bring home, such as knitwear, tasty food or traditional silver.

Viking and viking ship near Drakkar.

The Vikings

In 793, the monks of Lindisfarne on the west coast of England were attacked by Vikings. This is considered the beginning of the Viking Age - and the beginning of the story of Vikings as brutal attackers.