Svolvær in the Lofoten Islands seen from the mountain Floya.
Climbing at the mountain Svolværgeita. Photo: Kristin Folsland Olsen,
As the cod, or skrei, migrate from the Barents Sea, the fishermen as well as the seafood chefs are waiting for them. Tender flakes of glistening white cod on the plate. Fried cod tongues are served crispy and golden. And around the tables people sigh, sated and happy. Maybe you caught the fish yourself? Or even participated in the World Cod Fishing Championship? 

Regardless of whether or not you were involved in hauling in the fish, you will benefit from being outdoors in Lofoten. The blue daylight during short winter days, the Northern Lights that tint the sky with a hint of green—or that explodes in a blaze of white and red-purple dance. Mountains that climb straight out of the sea. Jagged tips and peaks. And a myriad of boats. 

Go out on the water. This is where it's at! Or up the mountains. You can almost see more skiers than fishermen in the winter in Svolvær now. Lofoten has become a mecca for skiers.

Svolvaer in Lofoten.

Our voyages to Svolvær

North- and southboundRound Voyage

Bergen → Kirkenes → Bergen

Havila castor seen from Skageflå in the Geirangerfjord. Photo: Oclin
The classic

SouthboundVoyage South

Kirkenes → Bergen

Red houses on rocky shoreline with majestic mountains in the background.
6 days

SouthboundThe Arctic Circle and Lofoten

Tromsø → Trondheim

3 days

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Top 3 things to see in Lofoten

Havila ship sailing through narrow fjord with steep stony sides and some green vegetation.


Excursion to see Trollfjorden's sea eagles.
Golfbane. Lofoten.

Golf in Lofoten

A round of golf on an unique 18-hole course by the sea—and in the midnight sun.
A happy man with his catch a fresh norwegian cod.

Deep sea fishing

Deep sea fishing with big catches.