Our location along the coast will determine the menu on board Havila Voyages. This gives great freedom of choice and fosters a closer appreciation of the different parts of the country in which you are sailing.

Havila Voyages has divided the world’s most beautiful sea voyage into four parts, each with its own unique flavours and dishes. This means that the menu changes every three days, so you can also go on a culinary voyage of discovery, with something new and exciting every day. At the same time, we also have some set dishes so that you can enjoy those you like best throughout your trip

Whichever you choose, the flavours are based on the best ingredients from the land as well as the world’s best seafood from the clean, cold waters of the Norwegian Sea.

Havila Voyages loves Lofoten
Slogen in Hjørundfjorden. The norwegian Queens favourite mountain. Photo: Håvard Myklebust, fjellfotografen.net, fjordnorway.no

Flavours of the Fjords

On the Bergen–Trondheim route, we source ingredients from the sun-drenched mountainsides that line the fjords and from the depths of the sea. The flavour of apples and cherries intensifies during the bright summer nights, and our good friends along the coast deliver fresh treats from the sea.

Flavours of the polar region

Between Bodø and Honningsvåg we sail through the Lofoten Islands, so the menu will include Lofoten cod, Norwegian cod roe, dried fish and cloudberries. If you fancy some meat, then why not try our free-range pork from the world heritage site of Vega?

Traditional fishing boat in Lofoten. Photo: Knoff, visitnorway.com
Reindeer migration. Photo: Thomas Rasmus Skaug, visitnorway.com

Flavours of the Arctic

The voyage from Kirkenes to Svolvær takes you through the harsh, Arctic northern area.  Here, long-legged king crabs crawl about in the cold dark depths of the ocean, and on land, herds of reindeer graze in the tundra. Naturally, crab and reindeer feature on the menu during this part of the voyage as well as cured leg of a lamb, Arctic char and seaweed.

Flavours of the archipelago

From Rørvik and south towards Bergen, the voyage runs through a archipelago where the rich waters have always provided both food and livelihoods. You can try klipfish and herring, both of which have been valuable exports from Norway for centuries, and local treats such as halibut and brown crab.

Atlantic Ocean road connected by bridges on small islands.

Our restaurants on board

Havrand Restaurant icon



Welcome to our main restaurant. An extensive range of food is served here,  everything from early breakfasts to late dinners.

Havly Cafe icon



In the cafe we serve small snacks, coffee and cake, lunch or a simple dinner.  

Hildring fine dining icon


Fine Dining

Intimate, classic and elegant setting around the meals which is a tribute to Norway's great and clean ingredients and the world's best seafood.

Norwegian Food Culture

Far north the summer nights are bright and the temperatures low. Everything matures slowly and gathers a lot of flavor. And from the short summer the food is harvested to last for a year.

Norwegian dessert inspired by panna cotta. Photo: Marius Beck Dahle
Molte, cloudberry

Welcome to intense flavors from bright summer nights