Hjørundfjorden with the famous mountain Slogen. Photo: Håvard Myklebust, fjellfotografen.net, Fjordnorway.com
Hjørundfjorden in the sunset. Photo: Håvard Myklebust, fjellfotografen.net, Destinasjon Ålesund & Sunnmøre

The Fjord extends into the jagged Sunnmøre Alps, whose peaks rise as much as 1,600 m above the fjord and are covered in snow even during the summer. The mountains are beautiful but dangerous. Big avalanches along the fjord are common during the winter and have claimed many lives.

When you visit the fjord, in the late summer it's perfectly safe and it will give you the feeling of serenity.  It is a secret jewel and still a place for peace and quietness even though Hjørundfjord was discovered by European cruise tourists in the late 19th century, and in the early 20th century it also became a holiday destination and playground for European royals and aristocrats. The German emperor, Wilhelm II, King Oscar of Sweden and Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands visited Hjørundfjord several times. Edvard Grieg and Karen Blixen have visited Hjørundfjorden. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did the same. And maybe he found the peace here to invent more mysteries for the Sherlock Holmes-books?

From the fjord a spectacular valley stretches inwards among the wild mountains; Norangsdalen. It has been visited by seven queens, including Norway's current queen, Queen Sonja. One of the mountains, the 1564 meter high and majestic Slogen, is one of the norwegian mountain-loving queen's favorites. 

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Mountains around a fjord at Sunnmøre. Photo: Håvard Myklebust, visitnorway.com

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Top 3 things to see in Hjørundfjorden

Diving in Lyngstøylvatnet where small farms where submerged. Photo: Adobe Stock


Two million cubic meters of rock thundered down the mountainside and blocked off the river so that the valley was dammed up and small farms submerged. Today you can dive in the crystal clear water and swim on the ridge. You can also see the flooded ruins from land.

Hotel Union Øye, an old hotel from 1891, Photo: Terje Rakke.

Hotel Union Øye

Stately hotel from 1891 that offers a journey back in time to the days and atmosphere when Europe's royals holidayed in the Hjørundfjord.


The Mountains

Spectacular mountain hikes in steep Sunnmøre Alps - or leisurely walks where you can enjoy the peaks from below. Feel free to follow up by listening to the stories about the dangerous rock and snow slides along the fjord.

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