Port of Berlevåg
Snowmobiling in the winter night, photo: Nicolas Vera-Ortiz

Giant concrete blocks of 15 and 25 tons are needed to shield Berlevåg from the waves. At 70° north, we are on the edge of the world, and around 1,000 people are clinging on. Few places are closer to the fish and fishing grounds than here.In the last half of November, the sun goes below the horizon and the polar night sets in. Then light shines from windows in houses and homes, and singing can be heard in some places. 

If it's Monday, the men's choir will be rehearsing in Berlevåg. The choir have been invited to sing all over the world after the success of the documentary about them called "Cool & Crazy". Berlevåg offers raw nature and strong culture.

In winter, the snowmobile is a common means of transport through miles of scooter trails.

In summer, when the sun never sets, it is time for mountain hiking and bird watching. And does it matter if the bird watching is disturbed by reindeer sauntering past?

Reindeer. Photo: Trym Ivar Bergsmo, nordnorge.com

Our voyages here

North- and southboundRound Voyage

Bergen → Kirkenes → Bergen

Havila castor seen from Skageflå in the Geirangerfjord. Photo: Oclin
The classic

NorthboundVoyage North

Bergen → Kirkenes

North cape
7 days

SouthboundVoyage South

Kirkenes → Bergen

Reine in Lofoten. Photo credit: Marius Beck Dahle/Havila Kystruten
6 days

NorthboundNorthern Tip of Europe

Tromsø → Kirkenes

3 days

SouthboundThe Arctic Dream

Kirkenes → Tromsø

2 days

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Top 3 things to see in Berlevåg

  1. Snowmobile ride over snow-covered plains
  2. Visit to a reindeer herding family in a lavvu
  3. Old-style country store in a summer fishing village