Kayaking in Ålesund

Kayaking in Ålesund

If you have dreamt of giving kayaking a go, now's your chance. Even if you have never kayaked before, you can enjoy a completely safe and unique experience of the art nouveau city from the water. We kayak in sheltered waters in Brosundet and the inner harbour area.
People kayaking in Ålesund in the winter

Direction: Northbound

Disembarkation port: Ålesund

Embarkation port: Ålesund

Time: 10:15 -13:00

Meal: None

Minimum age: 12 years

Level: 3 (Read more)

Season: Autumn, winter, spring (1 Nov - 31 May)

Min/max persons: 6 -20

Booking reference: AESN2

Price: Price list

About the excursion

The starting point is just a few minutes' walk from the port. Included in the price: single or double kayak, safety briefing, guiding, splash covers, paddles, life jackets, wetsuits, gloves and shoes. It is recommended that guests wear thermal underwear. Participants must be at least twelve years old. Norwegian and English guiding. 

Kayaking in Brosundet in Ålesund in the winter.

Ålesund was devastated by a fire in 1904. In record time, the town rose from the ashes, and large brick houses and boathouses in the art nouveau style characterise the city. 

Kayaking in the harbour, along quays and under bridges, you get to see the town's harmonious architectural style from an interesting angle, and there are plenty of opportunities for taking great photos. 

Ålesund developed from the fishing industry, and kayaking in the harbour may mean close encounters with big and small fishing boats. Maybe fishermen selling their catch along the quay will be the subject of a photo from your kayaking excursion? 

All guests will be provided with drysuits/wetsuits, gloves and wetsuit shoes so that, even on colder days or in winter, they are well prepared.


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