Geiranger and Trollstigen

Geiranger and Trollstigen

Discover the beauty of the Geirangerfjord (UNESCO World Heritage) on a scenic bus tour from Geiranger to the impressive Trolls ladder, before ascending to new heights with the Romsdalsgondola and the elevated Eggen Restaurant.

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Important update

Due to a rockslide on Trollstigen, the original excursion has been changed to an alternative route until June 1, 2025. The new route is a full-fledged alternative that passes through scenic areas via Sjøholt to Åndalsnes, with stops at Ørneveien, Kokarstein, Trollveggen, and Eggen restaurant. The change still offers fantastic experiences, spectacular views, and several stops along the way.

For those who have pre-booked the excursion, please check your email for more information. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service center.

Revised route

  • Departure from Geiranger: 15:00
  • Ørnesvingen: 15:15-15:30
  • Ferry Eidsdal-Linge: 16:00-16:15
  • Stop at Kokarstein: 16:45-17:00
  • Trollveggen, Gondola, Eggen restaurant: 18:00 - 20:40
  • Ferry Åfarnes: 21:20
  • Arrival in Molde: 22:30

About the excursion

Direction: Northbound

Disembarkation port: Geiranger (to tender boat)

Embarkation port: Molde

Time: 14:15 - 22:15

Meal: Coffee/tea, dinner and dessert

Level: 1 (Read more)

Season: 1 Jun - 31 Aug

Min/max persons: 23 - 252

Booking reference: GEIN1

Price: Price list

Beginning in Geiranger, the tour takes you by bus through breathtaking landscapes and along remarkable stretches of road. We'll stop for photos at various viewpoints and traverse two fjords by ferry. The itinerary includes a coffee break at the Trollstigen café, culminating in a meal at the Eggen Restaurant, perched at the summit accessed by the Romsdalsgondola.

Geiranger og de syv søstre.


The adventure kicks off in Geiranger, ascending the serpentine Ørnesvingen ("Eagle turns") to a vantage point that presents a stunning view of the fjord. This spot allows for views of the gougers Seven Sisters waterfalls, the quaint village, and the majestic mountains that frame the scene.

We continue our journey through neat farmlands to Valldal, also called the strawberry village, where we catch a ferry across the fjord. Before heading up the mountains to Trollstigen, we stop to see the stunning Gudbrandsjuvet river rapids. At Trollstigen's peak, we take a break for coffee at a café with an incredible view.

Trollstigen ("The Troll ladder"), a path of historical significance now transformed into a road, features eleven hairpin curves that meander down the steep mountainside. The innovative architecture at the viewing points offers a deep dive into the craft of road construction, with the largest platform providing the sensation of hovering 200 meters above the roadway.

In the valley below, the towering Trollveggen ("The Troll Wall"), the highest vertical rock face in Northern Europe, promises awe-inspiring views.

The journey culminates with a ride with the Romsdal Gondola cabel car, an unparalleled means to take in the stunning vistas of Romsdalen's fjords and mountains. The gondola lifts you from the fjord's edge to the peak of Nesaksla, offering a 360-degree view of the majestic Romsdalshornet, Vengetindene, Åndalsnes, the verdant valleys, and the vibrant Rauma River. Short, clearly marked trails lead to various viewpoints for further exploration.

At Nesaksla's summit is the Eggen Restaurant, where we will savour a meal against the backdrop of the panoramic mountain landscape. The restaurant specializes in modern Nordic cuisine with a local twist, drawing inspiration from the area's culinary heritage.

The Romsdalsgondolen stands as Norway's inaugural gondola initiative grounded in sustainability, featuring an infrastructure that conceals water, power, and sewage systems within a borehole from the fjord to the summit, leaving the natural surroundings untouched. With no road access to the mountain top, the gondola serves as the sole mode of transport for both people and supplies. Moreover, Eggen Restaurant is designed with the future in mind, allowing for modifications or dismantlement by coming generations without harming the environment.

Meal menu

Main course: Today's fish

The fish will vary based on the availability from our local fish company and the seasonal catch. Types of fish in the summer season: Halibut, Ling, Hake, Redfish, Salmon. This dish will be served with local seasonal vegetables and Beurre Blanc sauce or another suitable sauce, finished with herbs and side potatoes.  


Vegetarian option: “Byggotto” 

This dish is made from barley, a traditional Norwegian grain, served with seasonal vegetables and herbs.


Dessert: Daily dessert 

Seasonal fruit crumble with brown cheese ice cream.Baked fruits with oat-honey crumble, topped with true Norwegian homemade brown cheese ice cream. 

Restaurant Eggen only uses local products, which will vary according to the season and availability.

Geirangerfjorden sett fra Ørnesvingen

Geiranger and Trollstigen

Who would have thought that a bus tour could be this interesting?

"From the wharf, we board awaiting buses for the start of a guided day tour that will introduce us to some of the most spectacular scenery on Norway’s northwestern coast. Ahead of us, we have an many-our drive, with photo and sightseeing stops along the way. It will include two different car ferries across the fjords". (A travel letter from a freshman cruiser)

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Roads and view point of Trollstigen in Norway.

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