Birdwatching near North Cape

Birdwatching near North Cape

Get up close to puffins, gannets, sea eagles and the bustling birdlife of Norway’s largest seabird colony.
A large number of puffins both in the air and on the ground at Gjesvær. Photo: Asgeir Helgestad,

About the excursion

A ten-minute boat trip to the bird cliff by passenger boat. You will be given warm clothing and equipment for your trip.

Direction: Northbound

Disembarkation port: Honningsvåg

Embarkation port: Honningsvåg

Time: 10:55-14:20 

Meal: None

Level: 2 (Read more)

Season: Summer, autumn (6 Apr – 6 Sep)

Min/max persons: 13-97

Booking reference: HVGN6

Price: Price list

A puffin walking on the water. Photo: Marten Bril,

Tens of thousands of birds fly around you while others dive into the sea in search of fish or sit on their nests on the cliffs.There are charming puffins with their colourful beaks, elegant great cormorants, black-and-white common guillemots, gannets that are like torpedoes as they hit the water and majestic sea eagles. These and a wide range of other seabirds mate, nest and hatch during the summer. 

Where warm and cold ocean currents meet outside the small fishing village of Gjesvær, the sea becomes a nutritious larder.  The birds that nest on the 283 m high island close by know this, so it has become one of the largest bird cliffs in Norway.

A short boat ride from the pier brings you close to the cliffs that are teeming with bird life. If you bring binoculars, you will be able to see a large number of different bird species at close quarters. Seals playing in the water or resting on rocks and reefs is a fairly common sight also.

Sunset at Gjesvær after an excursion with birdwatching. Photo: Kjell-Bendik Pedersen,

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