The Norwegian salmon adventure

The Norwegian salmon adventure

Explore the natural salmon habitat, gain insights into the fish farming industry, and join an informative guided tour from the fish pens to the processing area with experienced guides.

Salmon. Photo: Congerdesign for Pixabay

About the excursion

Bus to the facility. Visit the control rooms, gutting rooms, and the outdoor facility before entering the indoor exhibition. Return by bus to your Havila Voyages ship. Please wear comfortable shoes and warm, windproof clothing.

Direction: Southbound

Disembarkation port: Brønnøysund

Embarkation port: Brønnøysund

Time:15:00- 17:15

Meal: Salmon tasting

Level: 1 (Read more)

Season: All year round

Min/max persons: 15/45

Booking reference: BNNS2

Price: Price list

Visiting a fish farm full of salmon, photo: Olaf Søla

The Norwegian coastline, offering plenty of space and clean water, creates perfect conditions for salmon growth. Inside the fjords and along the coast, you'll discover large, circular pens where salmon of all sizes swim freely. 


Norwegian salmon is exported to over a hundred countries, and globally, nearly 30 million dinner plates feature salmon each year. Now, you have the chance to explore the salmon's natural surroundings, discover its diet, and learn about its life. Knowledgeable guides will accompany you on a tour where you can observe the facility from the fish pens* to the processing area. They will showcase how underwater cameras and a control room with multiple screens contribute to ensuring the well-being of the salmon. 


You are also invited to visit the restaurant and exhibition, and, of course, savor this Norwegian delicacy. This experience offers you a thorough understanding of the entire process from beginning to end.


* All salmon farms are mandated by law to rest their facilities for at least two months between each generation of salmon. This period allows for maintenance, cleaning, disease prevention, or the restoration of environmental conditions in the facility. During these periods, there will be no salmon in the pens.

Man holding a salmon, photo: Olaf Søla

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