Hiking at Torghatten

Hiking at Torghatten

Come along to one of the most distinctive mountains that we sail past on the Havila Voyages ship: Torghatten, the mountain with a big hole right through it.

Torghatten sommer/høst

About the excursion

Bus to the foot of Torghatten. Guided tour up to the hole where coffee is served. Return by bus to the quay. Wear warm, windproof clothing and comfortable shoes. The tour up to Torghatten is short, but very steep.

Direction: Southbound

Disembarkation port: Brønnøysund

Embarkation port: Brønnøysund

Time: 15:00 - 17:30

Level: 3 (Read more)

Season: Spring, summer, autumn (1 Apr - 31 Oct) 

Min/max persons: 13 - 45

Booking reference: BNNS1

Price: Price list

Torghatten, photo: Visitnorway.com


Torghatten has a naturally formed tunnel in the middle of the mountain, 12–15 metres wide, twice as high and 160 metres long.  The hole was formed when the North American and European continental plates collided 600 million years ago, but while science tells us one thing, legends tell us something else. 

According to one story, a brute of a troll fired an arrow at a girl who was running away from him. The king in one of the other mountains saw this and threw his hat in between so that the arrow went through the hat. Then the sun rose and as happens in legends, the sunlight turned the trolls to stone, just as it did with the seven sisters who lie like a mountain range close to Sandnessjøen. 

On the walk up to Torghatten, you will learn more about this special mountain and the myths that have sprung up around the mountain with the hole.

AI-generert troll

The Mysterious Mountain Tunnel:

A Troll Story

Trolls. In Norway, we have many legends about these large, stupid, and extremely dangerous mythical creatures. One of them is about the origin of a unique mountain with a hole in the middle: Torghatten. 

The Torghatten Story

Torghatten høst

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