The Atlantic Road, beautifully coloured by the sunset. Photo: Jacek rózycki,

Arctic Atlantic Journey

Svolvær → Bergen

4 days

  • Lofoten
  • The coast of Helgeland
  • Nidaros Cathedral
  • The Atlantic Ocean Road

Welcome to Havila Voyages. We sail with new, environmentally friendly ships which makes the world's most beautiful costal voyage also a comfortable one.

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This short voyage embarks from the Arctic Isles towards the fjord landscapes of western Norway. You get the chance to dive into Norway’s diverse landscapes and maritime heritage, passing through coastal towns and vibrant cities. Experience the contrast of serene islands and majestic fjords, enriched with cultural and natural wonders.

map showing svolvær to bergen

Day 1

Sculpture welcoming sailors outside Svolvær.

Ports: Svolvær - Stamsund

We've entered the wild and idyllic Lofoten Islands, known for their dramatic scenery, with peaks towering into the sky, traditional fishing villages nestled in sheltered bays, and the Northern Lights or the Midnight Sun illuminating the skies, depending on the season. It's a realm where nature and tradition intertwine, creating a unique and enchanting atmosphere.

Day 2

Torghatten summer

Ports: Bodø - Ørnes - Nesna - Sandnessjøen - Brønnøysund - Rørvik

Now we have come so far south that we're crossing the Arctic Circle and sailing away from the polar night and the sunlit nights. But you can still see the Northern Lights in the winter, and it is never completely dark during the summer nights. Here you sail past a myriad of small islands, islets and skerries and past the special mountain, Torghatten, which has a hole in the middle. If you wish, you can also go on the trip to the mountain and enter the hole.  

Day 3

The Atlantic Road, beautifully coloured by the sunset. Photo: Jacek rózycki,

Ports: Trondheim - Kristiansund - Molde - Ålesund

We sail through the wide Trondheim fjord that is bounded by rolling farmland on both sides and return to the coast and the open sea. You can disembark in Kristiansund and be driven along the Atlantic Ocean Road, which has been called the world's most beautiful drive. The road meanders along islets and skerries, and afterwards you can re-embark in Molde.

Day 4

Colourful houses in Bergen, Photo: Endre Knudsen, VisitNorway

Ports: Torvik - Måløy - Florø - Bergen

The last day of the tour takes you through a diverse coastal landscape of bare rocky mountains and a maze of sounds and waterways between many islands. The great fjords and glaciers are situated inland. Bergen awaits at the end of the voyage. We hope you have many good memories from your journey along the Norwegian coast with Havila Voyages, and we look forward to seeing you again.

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