The fantastic Hurtigrutemuseet in Stokmarknes at night.  Photo: Havila Kystruten/Tonje Ytrebø

Hurtigrutemuseet at night. 

On the Havila Voyages cruise, you will be sailing on one of the newest coastal cruise ships. In Stokmarknes you get to see and experience the transport history behind it, from when shipowner Richard With started an express route between southern Norway and northern Norway in 1893. The journey time became significantly shorter. 

Transport became considerably easier, and among other things, the daily ship departures throughout the year meant that Northern Norway received regular postal deliveries. At the Hurtigruten Museum, you can board one of the largest museum exhibits in the world, the MS "Finnmarken", one of the classic ships that operated the Bergen–Kirkenes route for almost forty years since it was launched in 1956. 

Stokmarknes is part of Vesterålen where you can paddle, go diving or cycle through magnificent scenery. The mountains tower high above the fjord, and the most impressive of them all is the Trollfjord. Three kilometres long and so narrow that you feel as if you can touch the mountains on both sides at the same time as the mountain rises a thousand metres above you.

Summer in Stokmarknes, Vesterålen. Photo: Bård Løken,

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North- and southboundRound Voyage

Bergen → Kirkenes → Bergen

Havila castor seen from Skageflå in the Geirangerfjord. Photo: Oclin
The classic

SouthboundVoyage South

Kirkenes → Bergen

Reine in Lofoten. Photo credit: Marius Beck Dahle/Havila Kystruten
6 days

SouthboundThe Arctic Circle and Lofoten

Tromsø → Trondheim


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Top 3 things to see in Stokmarknes

Illustration of a hurtigrute in new museum building.

Hurtigruten museum

The history of the coastal journey between Bergen and Kirkenes dates back to the 19th century. Learn more about the world's most beautiful coastal voyage, and see, "Finnmarken", one of the old ships from 1956. The museum will reopen in the summer of 2021.
Sami lavvos in the sunset. Photo: Ørjan Bertelsen, Arctic Coast

Sami culture

Reindeer sledding and traditional Sami food accompanied by joik, the traditional form of Sami song.
Sortland seen from the moutain

Vesterålsmuseet (The Vesterål Museum)

The museum gives an overview of the ‘mini’ industrial revolution that took place in the beginning of the 20th century.