Port of Risøyhamn seen from the seaside.
A woman hiking during midnight sun. Active vacation in Norway. Located on Andøya island in Vesterålen north of Norway. Sunset and backpack girl.

Risøyhamn is located in the far south of Andøya in the Northern Lights municipality of Andøy. This is where you can see the midnight sun gently touching the horizon. For over two months, the sun descends towards the sea, but never sets.

Andøya can almost guarantee encounters with whales—including the 20-metre long and 40-tonne sperm whale. When it appears right next to the boat blowing sea spray about, it is quite breathtaking.

But great things don't just happen in the depths off Andøya. At the Andøya Space Centre from where sounding rockets and research balloons are launched, you can take a virtual journey into space with the Aurora spaceship and see the Northern Lights. If you are looking for a more sedate experience, then you'll be glad to learn that half of Andøya is covered in marshland on which, secret treasures, coveted orange cloudberries grow. Some say that this is the taste of the midnight sun. Try it!

Killer whale arising from the sea in winter landscape.

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Top 3 things to see in Risøyhamn

  1. Whale watching: sperm whales, orcas, humpback whales and fin whales
  2. Andøya Space Centre, everyday life at the space centre and a journey into space
  3. The drive along the national tourist route takes you to some of Norway's most beautiful beaches