Port of Hammerfest in summer
Hammerfest in the summer, photo: Ziggi Wantuch, hammerfest-turist-as

And Hammerfest is very far north. The town's municipal coat of arms has a polar bear and a polar bear society that works on preserving the city's Arctic history. If you become a member, you will receive a highly exclusive polar bear pin as proof that you have been to the town that calls itself the World's Northernmost Town.

The summer is bright. The midnight sun means that the sun remains visible around the clock, but the winters are long and dark, and, as early as 1891, Hammerfest became the first town in Norway to have electric street lights. They have one of the best, ice-free ports this far north, and, throughout the ages, the town has  been characterised by lively sea traffic such as the pomor trade, and fishing. 

Hammerfest is the gateway to the Barents Sea and Arctic island hopping—and one of the best starting points for experiencing Finnmark's magnificent nature. At the same time, the town has been referred to as an "urban surprise". After the deserted Finnmark coast, a small sea of light appears on the horizon.

Hammerfest in sunset on a winter day

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Top 3 things to see in Hammerfest

  1. A taste of a polar expedition from Mount Salen, Hammerfest
  2. Gjenreisingsmuseet (Museum of Reconstruction) which tells about how Finnmark got burned at the end of World War II - and then rebuilt.
  3. The lighthouse keeper's path to the land of seals, seabirds and whales