Visiting a Sami family

Visiting a Sami family

Come along on a visit to the Sami people at the Davvi Siida camp on the Nordkyn Peninsula and learn about the indigenous people of the North.
Ellinor Guttorm, Davvi Siida

About the excursion

This excursion provides a unique opportunity to learn about the Sami people's rich culture, history, and their way of life with reindeer herding. Comfortable clothing is recommended for this experience. The journey to the camp will be by bus, departing from the harbour.

Direction: Northbound

Disembarkation port: Kjøllefjord

Embarkation port: Mehamn

Time: 16:40-19:05  

Meal: Dried reindeer meat

Level: 1 (Read more)

Season: Summer (20 May - 31 Oct)

Min/max persons: 8-47

Booking reference: KJDN1

Price: Price list



Join a visit to a Sami reindeer herding family with reindeer on summer pasture on the Nordkyn Peninsula, Europe's northernmost mainland. Around the fire in the great lavvo tent, you can hear stories, experience traditions and learn how Sami reindeer herding and traditions have adapted to the modern world. And outside the reindeer graze.  

The Sami, the indigenous people living in the northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Sami land, which in Sami is called Sápmi, crosses the formal borders between these nations and forms a separate community of peoples.

The Sami have been nomads with reindeer herding as their main occupation for hundreds of years. They have their own culture, language and a characteristic musical expression called joik. You will hear their special form of song, joik, sample some broth and see their handicrafts and beautiful, colourful clothes that also feature in the Sami flag.


ellinor og tsje

Travelogue: A Visit with the Sámi

«Nature is our culture», say the Sámi people. Perhaps we all have something to learn from the indigenous of the North?


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Reindeer migration. Photo: Thomas Rasmus Skaug,

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