Snowmobile trip in the polar night

Snowmobile trip in the polar night

Into the polar night and out into the wilderness of the northernmost mainland of Europe. And you can ride there on a snowmobile while the cold winter bites your cheeks, and the Northern Lights blaze across the sky.
Snowmobiling in the polar night. Photo: Ørjan Bertelsen.

About the excursion

The guide meets us on the quay, where the ship docks, and we drive to the snowmobile garage where we put on a snowmobile suit, shoes, gloves and a helmet and are also briefed on driving and safety instructions. The snowmobile ride finishes up on the mountain, and we are taken by bus back down the steep slopes to Kjøllefjord. In Kjøllefjord, we change back into our own clothes in the changing room.Warm layers are recommended. Snowmobile suits, shoes, gloves and helmets will be ready for you. You must have a driving licence that allows you to drive in Norway. This excursion goes through an open mountain landscape, and it may be cancelled if the weather is bad.

Direction: Southbound

Disembarkation port: Mehamn

Embarkation port: Kjøllefjord

Time: 00:45-03:00  

Meal: Hot drink (coffee, tea, or broth)

Level: 3 (Read more)

Season: Winter, spring (15 Dec - 30 Apr)

Min/max persons: 4-32

Booking reference: MEHS1

Price: From £ 266 per person

Snowmobiling in the polar night. Photo: Ørjan Bertelsen.

You disembark in Mehamn. The Havila Kystruten ship continues along the coast, while you listen to stories about the active fishing village. Then you get on the snowmobile and ride through wide valleys and over flat expanses. The destination is Kjøllefjord, where you will reboard the ship after the night's adventure.  

The distance between the two fishing villages is about 30 kilometres by road. Now you will ride out into the terrain and into snowmobile country with your guide. As a means of transport, the snowmobile is used almost as much as the car. The snowmobile provides quick access to the vast wilderness and fast transport between neighbours who live far one another in these parts.  

The night light from the Northern Lights and the moon and stars create a magical atmosphere over the stark, barren landscape. Towards the end of the journey, the lights from the Havila Kystruten ship shine in the distance welcoming you back to the ship and your nice, warm bed.

Snowmobiling in the polar night. Photo: Ørjan Bertelsen.

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