Setting sail on a cleaner course

Large battery packs 

Four hours' sailing with zero emissions

Energy-efficient hull design

Locally sourced ingredients

Heat recovery from the sea and cooling water

Charging current from hydropower at the quay

LNGs/Battery operation cuts Co2 emissions by 35 %

NOx emissions reduced by 90%

Havila Voyages provide our guests with unforgettable voyages through Norway’s stunning coastline. We want to provide value to all the coastal communities and our passengers who experience these communities and the surrounding picturesque landscapes that define Norway’s rich culture and history. Our commitment to sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. 

We aim to operate the most environmentally friendly ships on the Norwegian coast, ensuring that we minimize our impact on the environment while still providing an exceptional cruise experience. 

We believe that our guests should be able to experience the natural beauty of Norway without harming it, and we take our responsibility to protect the environment very seriously.  

Our vision

Revolutionise coastal travel and contribute to a more sustainable industry for us and generations to come

Our mission

Offer safe, sustainable and eventful travel experiences that creates memories for life and viable coastal communities

Our values


We always act responsibly, show leadership and act determined. We trust each other and earn the trust of others.



We share our knowledge, experience and passion with each other, our customers and our business partners. We motivate and inspire each other to be best at what we do.



We care, and show empathy towards each other, our customers, the coast and the environment.

Small island in Vesterålen.- Photo: Havila Kystruten/Marius Beck Dahle


We aim to lead the industry by example and shape the future of travel along the Norwegian coast by operating the world’s most environmentally friendly coastal cruise ships. 

  • Climate-neutral vessel operation by 2028 
  • Emission-free vessel operation by 2030 
  • 40% sorting rate for the whole fleet in 2023 
  • Take a circular approach to how we use our resources


Please visit investor relations for reports and publications about sustainability. 


We are sailing through the world heritage, and so will those who come after us.

Per Sævik, owner and founder