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Investor relations

Investor Relations in Havila Kystruten ensure transparent, accurate, and dependable details about the company's stock performance, financial growth, and important events to investors and external stakeholders.


Montega study

Back on course after the perfect storm. 


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Latest events

General Meeting

30 May 2024

Investor contacts

Bent Martini


Tel. +47 905 99 650

[email protected]

Aleksander Røynesdal


Tel. +47 413 18 114

[email protected]

Marte Lillebø Urke

Finance manager

Tlf. +47 416 46 441

[email protected]

About the company

Havila Kystruten AS has a contract with the Ministry of Transport and Communications to operate four of the eleven coastal cruise ships on the traditional coastal route between Bergen-Kirkenes, Norway, until 2030.

With four new ships, we offer our guests, tourists and locals, safe and environmentally friendly transport on the world's most beautiful costal voyage.


Havila ship sailing in the azure blue Geiranger fjord with steep green sides and a partly cloudy sky.


The newest, most modern ships along the Norwegian coast.