Street in Måløy

Måløy is a small but busy town. The streets (gatene) are in neat lines up the mountainside and are called Gate 1, Gate 2, Gate 3 and so on. Along the strait is the fishing industry, which efficiently receives and packs tons upon tons of herring and mackerel.

You are safe in the port on the way to or from the Stadhavet Sea, a dreaded stretch of sea, where Mother Earth forces sailors all the way out into the open sea. An almost 500-metre plateau that resembles a fist that goes out into the sea before plunging straight down. At the top is Vestkapp (the Western Cape), one of the westernmost points in Norway. Barren and windswept, beautiful and magnificent. 

If you look down at some of the small villages, you can see surfers from all over the world playing in the big waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Join in their fun or just go for a walk along the white beaches with the sea constantly rolling in.

Further into Nordfjord, you come to glacier landscapes and waterfalls, and how about taking a cable car 1,011 metres above the fjord to enjoy views of mountains with eternal snow?

Ervik at Stadlandet

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Havila castor seen from Skageflå in the Geirangerfjord. Photo: Oclin
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Top 3 things to see

  1. Måløyraidsenteret, the International War History Information Centre.
  2. Sagastad, a knowledge and experience centre with a 30-metre long Viking ship.
  3. Selja, Norway's first pilgrimage destination, with a sacred cave and stream with healing waters.