Mountains and the Gisund bridge in Finnsnes.
Segla mountain in midnightsun.

White sandy beaches but sea temperatures that mean that only the toughest dare to get in. The mountain sides with white loose snow that plunge so steeply that they are also only for the toughest. Fortunately, there are also ski resorts with slopes of all levels of difficulty. Senja has something for everyone.

Senja's exterior is wild. The mountains rise from a clean, clear and cold sea. The national tourist road winds in and out of fjords, where architect-designed picnic areas and viewing plateaus invite you to stop and enjoy them. Turn your gaze towards fierce rows of peaks with names like "The Devil's Teeth".

If you come here on a glorious summer's day, Husøy's rooftops, which are secured with guy ropes to the ground to withstand the storms from the Norwegian Sea, will tell you about a stoic people.

Senja in Vesterålen, photo:

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