Visit the Caves of the Bergtatt Marble Mine

Visit the Caves of the Bergtatt Marble Mine

This can be the tour where you are on a bus that drives over the sea and a boat that goes into the mountains.  
Inside the marble mine.

About the excursion

Direction: Southbound

Disembarkation port: Kristiansund

Embarkation port: Molde

Time:16:30 - 21:20

Meal: Enjoy a soup made with local ingredients, accompanied by the mine's own spring water to drink.  

Level: 1 (Read more)

Season: Autumn - winter (15 Sep - 30 Apr, not  19-31 Dec and 1 - 3 Jan)

Min/max persons: 20 - 150

Booking reference: KSUS2

Price: Price list

Wear warm clothing and comfortable shoes. The temperature in the mine stays at 6–8 degrees throughout the year. The main hall, however, is heated. Helmets and life jackets are provided for your safety. The boat ride through the mine shafts lasts about 15 minutes.

Beatiful colors inside the marble mine

Weather permitting, the journey begins with a drive along what has been named one of the world's most beautiful roads—the Atlantic Ocean Road. This route traverses islets stretching out to the sea. Naturally, there will be a photo stop. *


The bus then takes you into the mountain and the marble mines. Golden marble has been extracted here since the 1930s, creating over 40 kilometres of mining shafts across eleven levels. A highlight of the mine is a 300-meter lake with clean, clear spring water.


You will embark on a safe, stable raft to traverse the underground lake, tasting the spring water that cascades down the mountain sides. The journey is illuminated by colorful lights in the water and chandeliers in the tunnels, creating a magical atmosphere. This trip is also accessible to wheelchair users.


The tour concludes in the main hall, a large mining hall that can accommodate up to 300 people. Here, you can watch a film to learn more about the mining operations. A meal of meat stew will be served, accompanied by the mine's own spring water. Before reboarding the Havila Voyages' ship, there will be time for a short stroll in the town of Molde.


* Please note that it will be dark upon our arrival at the Atlantic Road from approximately mid-November to mid-February.



Atlanterhavsveien_tekst_Josefine Spiro

On the Atlantic Road and into a Marble Mine

The Atlantic Road is known as one of the world’s most beautiful roadways. We experienced it at its very best. Then, we went to the Bergtatt marble mine – in the center of a mountain. 


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The Atlantic Ocean Road with curvy roads and bridges.

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