Travel with a car

Travel with a car

Want to go further or experience more on your own? Bring your own car along on your voyage. 

Car lights in Lofoten

⚠ Vehicle restrictions

Electric, hybrid and hydrogen cars are prohibited on board and are not allowed for transportation.

Practical information

There is room for nine cars on board. If you are going to bring a car, you must book it in advance. This can be done online or via Havila's sales center.

We offer vehicle transport exclusively from:

  • Bergen - Kirkenes
  • Kirkenes - Bergen

You will not be able to take the car out of the ship along the route. Only at the destination port. The car can not be accessed while under transportation. 

Maximum car dimensions

  • Length: 5.1 meters
  • Width: 2.25 meters
  • Height: 2.1 meters

Contact sales center to book

Bring your car on a voyage with Havila Voyages. Remember to pre-order.