Eco-Voyager Program


Welcome to our Eco-Voyager Program

For Havila Voyages, the environment and sustainability are on top of the agenda. Even though we have the most eco-friendly voyages along the Norwegian coast, we continuously try to find new ways to increase positive impact on the environment. To maximize our efforts, we want to give our guests the choice of contributing together with us.

ocean waves

The Eco-Voyager Program is the Havila way of mobilizing our guests to take care of our environment by reducing energy, water consumption, and waste generation on our coastal cruise from Bergen-Kirkenes.

We believe that coastal voyages can play a role in protecting our planet and its biodiversity, and connect us with what makes us human: discovering new places, and cultures and getting in touch with new relationships, people, and experiences. We want to connect our guests with the environment and make sure that our voyages represent what we stand for: Lead, Share, Care.  

What we do

Havila Kystruten have a green focus on everything we do. We use less plastic and produce less emissions, we have close ties with local producers, serve locally sourced food and use more eco-friendly solutions and technologies.

The world's largest battery packs

Charging current on the quay from hydropower

Four hours silent sailing with zero emissions

Locally sourced ingredients reducing food waste

Heat recovery from the sea and engines

Liquid natural gas that cuts CO2 with 25%

NOx emissions reduced by 90%

Energy efficient hull optimized for sailing conditions

In addition to our eco-friendly ship technology, we also partner with sustainable suppliers, carpool transport to and from the ship, zero single-use plastic, source sort all waste and reduce paper waste by making information available on the screens on board.

What you can do

As a guest on Havila Voyages, we want to invite you to contribute together with us. We have made a non-mandatory checklist to give you and all our guests the opportunity to partake in our Eco-Voyager Program. By being mindful of some minor aspects on board, you can make a big difference.

The Eco-Voyager checklist

  • Only clean the cabin when needed
  • Only use the light you need on the cabin. When you leave the lights are automatically turned off.
  • Recycle your waste
  • Tag #havilaecovoyages
  • Reuse towels, as much as you like
  • Refer to screens for information instead of ordering print
  • Reduce food waste in restaurants by ordering only what you need
  • Eco Excursions

Become an Eco-Voyager

On board, you will get all the information you need about how you can contribute to the environment and become an Eco-Voyager. On behalf of our entire crew, we would like to welcome you to the best way to visit the best of Norway, and we hope that you would like to become an Eco-Voyager.