Snowshoeing and Tobogganing in Tromsø

Snowshoeing and Tobogganing in Tromsø

Discover the breathtaking Arctic landscapes of Tromsø through a unique snowshoeing experience with a touch of exhilarating toboggan fun.
Havila Voyages_Snow shoe hike and campfire in Tromsø, Norway

About the excursion

Direction: Northbound

Disembarkation port: Tromsø

Embarkation port: Tromsø

Time: 14:30-17:30 

Meal: None

Level: 2 (Read more)

Season: Winter, spring (01 Dec - 30 Apr) 

Min/max persons: 2-15

Booking reference: TOSN12

Price: Price list

The guide meets you at the terminal and accompanies you on the bus transfer to the starting point of your snowshoe adventure. Dress in layers, starting with a thin layer of wool close to your skin beneath your outdoor clothing.

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Experience the Arctic scenery of Tromsø from a new angle while navigating the snow on snowshoes. You gain insights into the local lifestyle and traditions, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of the Tromsø region. Along the way, we pause to light an outdoor campfire, a perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.


The adventure concludes with an exhilarating toboggan ride down a hill, evoking the simple pleasures of playing in the snow.


Snowshoe walking, rooted in necessity, has been a part of Norwegian culture for generations, especially in remote and mountainous regions. Originally used for hunting and traversing deep snow, snowshoes were an essential part of daily life. Today, this tradition continues as a recreational activity, connecting both locals and visitors with Norway's rich history and nature.


This blend of tranquil exploration and joyful activity makes for a truly memorable experience during your time in Tromsø.
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