Physical level of our excursions

Level 1

Suitable for everyone*

Excursions at this level are undemanding, and you are often transported in vehicles.

Level 2

Suitable for most people

Moderate physical activity that suits most people. Involves easy terrain without major challenges.

Level 3

Average physical condition

Uneven and steep terrain may occur, and it may be necessary to bring equipment and similar items that you have to carry yourself. This excursion is not suitable for people with limited mobility. When driving vehicles such as snowmobiles, sleds and ATVs, you must have normal vision and hearing. Normal mobility and responsiveness are also required.

Disability and excursions with Havila Voyages

Our excursion programme is currently not specially adapted for people with disabilities. However, we can evaluate each excursion based on the traveller's physical condition. So, please contact us, and we'll help to customise an optimal voyage for you along the Norwegian coast.
Snowmobiling under the northern lights, photo: Nicolas Vera-Ortiz