Cancellation of excursions

Travelling with Havila Voyages gives you the opportunity to encounter and enjoy Norwegian nature. Therefore, many of the excursions you can choose from are outdoors and often in the spectacular but untamed and rugged coastal landscape and its surrounding waters.
Big waves and a small lighthouse
In addition to its beauty, the Norwegian coast is also known for having a lot of weather. You can experience four seasons in one day, and occasionally the weather can be unsuitable for the operation of excursions. 

Our priority is always the safety and comfort of our guests, and if local conditions mean that we must cancel any excursion then of course the cost will be refunded. 


There are also a few days a year when it is likely many excursions will not operate: Christmas Eve (24 Dec), New Year's Day (1 Jan) And Norway's National Day (17 May).
Norway's national day, May 17th. Celebration in Oslo. Photo: Asgeir Helgestad,

Your journey and experience onboard will instead reflect these special anniversaries and in some ports, we will look to arrange alternative excursions, but they will only be available for sale onboard.

Minimum numbers for excursions

If there are not enough participants for an excursion to run, it may be cancelled. The minimum number of participants is stated on each excursion.