Names the suites after Norwegian lighthouses

Utvær fyr. Photo Lillian Herland

Havila Voyages names the largest suites on board after Norwegian lighthouses. In the company's latest addition, Havila Castor, the lighthouse suites are named after Norway's westernmost and northernmost lighthouse, respectively, Utvær and Fruholmen.

-The whole concept around the naming of Havila Voyages is navigation. Both the names of the ships and the suites are about how seafarers have gotten safely to port through generations, explains project manager Hege Sævik Rabben.

-The ships are named after important stars that sailors have navigated by, and the suites are named after central lighthouses up the Norwegian coast, she says.

The Director General at Norwegian Coastal Administration, Einar Vik Arset, had the pleasure of announcing the names of the suites on board Havila Castor.

- We at the Norwegian Coastal Administration are very proud that Havila Voyages uses lighthouse names for its suites. And Fruholmen and Utvær have been key lighthouses for maritime safety for over 100 years. Utvær as Norway's westernmost lighthouse and Fruholmen as the northernmost lighthouse, says Arset.

Einar Vik Arset - Kystverket

Utvær is protected and is part of the fishing village and nature reserve at Utvær. The lighthouse was built around 1900. Today, Utvær is rented out to Solund municipality, and it is the friends association "Friends of Utvær" that runs it.

Arset further says that Fruholmen is the most weather-exposed lighthouse on the coast and perhaps also in the whole world. The lighthouse, which was built in 1866, was bombed during World War II in 1944 and then rebuilt in 1949. 

Both Utvær and Fruholmen are today automated and in active use for maritime safety along the Norwegian coast, in the areas where the Havila Voyage sails.

On Havila Capella, which was first ship completed for Havila Voyages, the lighthouse suites have been named Grip and Skrova.

Hege Sævik Rabben decorating the suites with local art

Hege Sævik Rabben decorating the Utvær suite.

Fruholmen - photo of Allan Klo