The grandchildren gave names to the coastal passengers ships

Havila ship in Lofoten with the beautiful Northern Lights dancing in the night sky.
When Havila Voyages’ new ships were to be named, the owner and founder, Per Sævik, announced a naming competition between his grandchildren.

Havila Voyages is a family-owned shipping company, and head of the board, owner and grandfather Per Sævik gave his eight grandchildren the challenge of finding suitable names for the new vessels.

The grandchildren were to come up with suggestions for names that included both the Havila name and the name of a star.

The reason of choosing a name related to the starry sky is connected with the fact that seafarers always have navigated by the stars, and that having a star to steer by is important whether one is on land or sea.

Per Sævik with his grandchildren.  Photo: Arne Flatin/NRK

Per Sævik and some of his eight grandchildren. Photo: Arne Flatin/NRK

The four ships are named: 

  • Havila Castor
  • Havila Capella
  • Havila Polaris
  • Havila Pollux

Per Sævik in his hometown and maritime surroundings

Seafarers have always navigated by the stars

Per Sævik