Sail the Norwegian fjords – the green way

Havila ship sailing through narrow fjord with steep stony sides and some green vegetation.
Havila Voyages will have the most environmentally friendly passenger ship on the Norwegian coastline when its new coastal routes open for sailing in January 2021. One of the world’s largest battery pack allows us to sail emission-free for up to four hours.    

From 2021, Havila Voyages will be operating two battery and LNG-powered ships that will be able to sail fjords such as Geirangerfjorden and Trollfjorden, as well as other vulnerable areas, entirely without emissions or noise.  The ships will also use battery power in and out of most harbours in order to reduce noise and pollution.

The CEO of Havila Voyages, Arild Myrvoll, says that stillness is in short supply in most parts of the world, while Norway is full of magnificent and untouched nature, clean water, fresh air – and just that, stillness.

- And that is how Havila Voyages wants things to stay for a long time into the future as well. We are therefore doing our part through clean voyages along the Norwegian coastline, by cutting our negative impact on the environment and by doing our best to exert a positive ripple effect.Myrvoll promises a voyage with less plastic and less emissions, more eco-friendly solutions and technology as well as close links with local producers and low-mileage food.

- We take a green perspective on all that we do.

Grandma and grandchildren with earth-friendly coastal voyager t-shirts. Getty/Havila.

Sustainable tourism

Arild Myrvoll says that Havila Voyages uses efficient and innovative technology to take care of the environment and to generate sustainable tourism.  

- The new ships will be powered by one of the largest battery packs in the world in combination with natural gas. Moreover, the environment and energy efficiency have been considered in everything from the design of the hull through to heat recovery on board. As a result, Havila Voyages will be the most environmentally friendly option there is for sailing along the Norwegian coastline.

In order to build ships that exert the lowest possible impact on the vulnerable environments that they sail through, we have drawn on knowledge from several different fields and partners.Myrvoll notes that Havila Voyages has passionate employees who are committed to building the ships of the future and who work with dedication alongside suppliers and partners towards a common goal.

Havila ship on a calm sea with the Lofoten mountains in the background.

Eco-friendly facts

BATTERY PACK: 2 x 43 tonnes with a capacity of 6100 kilowatt-hours. With new charging stations at the biggest ports, the battery can be charged using clean hydropower.

NATURAL GAS: (LNG): Cuts CO2 emissions by around 25 percent and NOx and SOx emissions by about 80–95 percent.

VISION: Using LNG and battery power allows us to cut emissions by even more than what governments demand, but the end goal is zero-emission voyages.

ZERO EMISSIONS: The ships can sail emission-free for up to four hours.

HEAT RECOVERY: Extracts excess heat from cooling water, marine and energy management system.

GREEN DESIGN: All ships are designed to have an energy-efficient hull that uses as little fuel as possible and thus ensures that emissions are kept to an absolute minimum. The hull design is specially tailored for the voyage along the Norwegian coast and its 34 ports of call.

We take a green perspective on all that we do.

CEO Arild Myrvoll