Havila Voyages lets the voyage determine the menu

Scallops served in own shell - Havila Food Stories -photo by Tom Haga
Our location on the coast determines the dishes that will end up on the menu. Havila Voyages’s new food concept gives great variety and options, which also references the landscape in which you are sailing.
Hotel Director of Havila Voyages, Camilla Løvlien and Coach of Norway’s team at Bocuse d 'Or, Gunnar Hvarnes are now launching a concept in which they have divided up the coast into four regions. Each stretch has its own character and offers its own unique flavours and dishes.

- Løvlien and Hvarnes say that with the extensive selection of good, pure ingredients throughout Norway, in addition to Havila Voyages being a Norwegian family-owned shipping company with coastal roots, it was only natural to offer a broad range of Norwegian foods.

Names derived from the coast and sea

Our new, environmentally-friendly ships offer a variety of dining experiences in addition to a Havila Voyages takeaway menu.The main restaurant on board is Havrand Restaurant. 'Havly' is a name that represents a place of shelter and sustenance for people living along the coast, and our Havly Café is also a place that serves good, hearty fare based on traditional ingredients.  Restaurant Hildring is our fine dining restaurant and is a culinary dreamland you will be able to experience on the most beautiful days.  

Seafood stew form western Norway with scallops, shrimps and mussels - Havila Food Stories, photo by Tom Haga
Food from the sea and the land

At Havrand Restaurant, the menu reflects the coastline you sail along. The voyage is divided into four sections: the fjords, the polar region, the Arctic and the archipelago, which means that there is a different menu every three days.

- This allows you to explore the menu and try something new every day, with flavours based on the best ingredients from the land and the world’s best seafood from the clean, cold waters of the Norwegian Sea.

Your personal table buffetCamilla Løvlien and Gunnar Hvarnes say that food as good as this should be savoured. Havila Voyages ships do not have buffets with crowds and queues that entail a risk of infection. Instead, there is personal service at each table where you can choose your own buffet. And for breakfast ...

- We have a large selection of cheeses, jams, cold cuts, vegetables and fruits, baked goods and hot dishes. You can order as many dishes as you like, as well as being able to have your own buffet at your table, which you can enjoy in peace and quiet while also being served hot and cold drinks.

Havila Voyages offers the same range of options for lunch and dinner. We recommend two or three small dishes for a satisfying lunch. For dinner, there is a choice of one, two or three courses. If that’s not enough to choose from, there is also "Hildring", our fine dining restaurant with its set five-course dinner with exclusive ingredients and Havila Gold which offers numerous extras.

- We have so many good ingredients and dishes to offer in Norway, and our cuisine will be a big part of a person's decision to travel with Havila Voyages. Now I’m looking forward to enjoying this epicurean coastal experience.

Our cuisine will be a big part of a person's decision to travel with Havila Voyages

Coach of Norway’s team at Bocuse d 'Or, Gunnar Hvarnes
Havila ship sailing through narrow fjord with steep stony sides and some green vegetation.

Havila Voyages

  • Havila Voyages is building four new, environmentally friendly ships that will sail four of the eleven ships on the traditional Bergen-Kirkenes route.
  • The first ship will be launched in December, the next will be delivered in January while ships three and four arrive in the summer of 2022.
  • Havila Voyages is headquartered in Fosnavåg on Sunnmøre, and more than half of the shares are owned by the Sævik family.