Havila Voyages fitted with Norwegian Furniture

Main restaurant with furniture.
Havila Voyages is purchasing Norwegian furniture to furnish its four new ships. Havila is in this way ensuring quality, locally produced furnishings and fittings for its passengers.
‘We want to show the best Norway has to offer also when it comes to furniture and interior,’ says CEO Arild Myrvoll.

’Passengers on the Havila Voyages can rest, eat and enjoy the view while seated in the chairs and sofas from Brunstad, Fora Form and Ekornes of Norway, while passengers and crew will sleep on mattresses from the Norwegian company Recticel. All of them located at the west coast of Norway. The common areas consisting of lounges, atriums and conference rooms, cafés, and buffet and á-la-carte restaurants are all furnished with chairs and recliners from these Norwegian furniture makers.

Myrvoll says that the choice of furniture is about more than just aesthetics.

‘This is quality furniture that provides a high degree of comfort for our passengers. It has also been important for us to use furniture from local suppliers, located within a short distance from the coastal route’s ports of call, to make it practical, easy and sustainable also when it comes to service and delivery. ‘

Locally made and sustainable

All the furniture ordered from Fora Form will be produced in Norway, where the order announcement was celebrated with cake in the canteen. Regional manager Stine Kahrs says that the order is important for them as a company, and she hopes that the positive cooperation between the parties, both internally and with Voyages and its partners, will spread for the benefit of Havila Voyages’s passengers and crew alike.

Brunstad are also delighted to be exhibiting their furniture on-board the new coastal routes, and sales and marketing manager Atle Ødegård views the delivery to Havila Voyages as proof that the local market is merging with the spot market and the market for cruises and hotels.

A la carte restaurant

Norwegian value creation

CEO of Havila Voyages, Arild Myrvoll, says that they originally wanted to build the new ships in Norway, but that the four ships were ultimately assigned to Tersan in Turkey due among other things to little interest from Norwegian shipyards.

‘It is nonetheless important to us that the building of these ships stimulates Norwegian value creation, and we have found a good alternative solution where Norwegian design, equipment and other Norwegian deliveries make up over a third of the building costs.’

Norwegian Marine Interior (NMI) is another Norwegian supplier that is part of the building project of Havila Voyages. In cooperation with the architects at Steen Friis Design, they have planned, designed, and will deliver and install the furniture and interior for the four new ships.

Reflects Norwegian scenery

General manager at NMI Stein Haugen and project coordinator Sigurd Viseth say that it has been both rewarding and exciting to take part in the construction of such large and brand new passenger ships with the clear message of providing the passengers with both a safe and comfortable trip, as well as reflecting the Norwegian scenery and using Norwegian suppliers.

This is quality furniture that provides a high degree of comfort for our passengers

CEO Arild Myrvoll