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Havila Polaris in Bergen 15. august 2023

Havila Pollux and Havila Polaris are on their way to Norway!

The last sister is fulfilling her mission

Havila Pollux set sail from Bergen on Wednesday, August 23rd, to unite with her sisters in offering unforgettable voyages and scenic adventures along the Norwegian coastline.  

The fleet is complete!

See the touching moment when Havila Pollux arrived in Bergen on 17 August 2023. The crew received a warm welcome from both sea and land employees. 

We minimize the impact on the areas we sail through

CCMO Lasse A. Vangstein explains why Havila Voyages' ships are among the most environmentally friendly coastal cruise ships in the entire world.

"This is spectacular"

Hotel Manager Petter Overaa of Havila Polaris showcases some of the interior onboard the brand new coastal cruise ship.

Bon Voyage, Havila Pollux!

On Friday, August 4th, the Havila Pollux departed the Tersan shipyard in Turkey, setting course towards Bergen and Norway. Isn't she beautiful?

"Thank you"

In this video, Project Director Kjell Rabben reflects on his five-year journey overseeing the construction of Havila Voyages' four new coastal cruise ships.

“Every work stretch is thrilling”

Join Captain Svein-Erik Olsen aboard Havila Pollux and Captain Kurt Harald Nærbø on Havila Polaris as they give you a tour of the bridge and share their excitement about sailing these unique ships along the breathtaking Norwegian coast.

The Lighthouse Suites

The hotel managers of Havila Pollux and Havila Polaris present the Lighthouse Suites and explain the origin behind the names.

"I'm so excited!"

Purser Judith Hydle of Havila Voyages travels to Turkey to visit the Tersan shipyard, where she sees her new workplace, the Havila Pollux, for the first time. Hotel Manager Gabriella Tangen accompanies her, providing a tour of the reception, the crew area, and Judith's cabin.

There she goes!

On Thursday, August 3rd, the Havila Polaris departed the Tersan shipyard in Turkey, setting course towards Norway and Bergen, with the Havila Pollux to follow soon after.  We extend our best wishes to her and her crew for a bon voyage and success in completing all the remaining details in time for her maiden voyage along the magnificent Norwegian coast.

Stay tuned for more videos, as we will be publishing them regularly throughout the ship's journey home to Norway.



Finally! Our two last ships, Havila Polaris and Havila Pollux, were handed over to Havila Voyages at the Tersan Shipyard in Turkey on Tuesday, August 1st.



This is how they solved the problem

The breakthrough came with a groundbreaking financing method.

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Bent Martini and vice chairman at Tersan shaking hands