Have a safe voyage with us

Illustration of couple on deck of the ship in Lofoten

You should have a safe voyage with Havila Voyages. That is why we also do our utmost to ensure that it is an infection-free voyage.

We are building new ships and a new organisation. Right from the start we have completely adapted Havila Voyages to the new challenges caused by the COVID-19 virus, these actions will also have a positive impact on preventing other types of infection.

Several measures are being taken in the design of the ships. A few small examples are that we have equipped all the new ships with washbasins at the entrance to the main restaurant and closed cafe counters so that only the staff can touch the food served there. 

The operation of the ships will be based on international standards and requirements from health  authorities. In addition, we are also taking our own special measures to strengthen infection control and make the voyage safer. We will ensure that our employees are trained to the highest standard of infection control procedures and that they clean the ships and observe hygiene standards diligently. As a guest you must make sure that you are healthy before you come on board, observe social distancing, wash your hands regularly and use the hand sanitizer stations provided throughout the ship. 

We are closely monitoring how the corona pandemic develops and what measures are being implemented both in Norway and elsewhere in the world, and we will follow all the advice from the health authorities. 

More detailed information will be provided near to the start of the Havila Voyages operations.

Snowmobiling in the polar night. Photo: Ørjan Bertelsen.

Infection control at excursions

Hygiene and infection control are top priorities during excursions with Havila Voyages. You will have a healthy and enjoyable experience with us.

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