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You should have a safe voyage with Havila Voyages. That is why we also do our utmost to ensure that it is an infection-free voyage.


The operation of the ships in the Havila Voyages is based on international standards and official requirements. In addition, we are also taking separate special measures to enhance infection control and make your voyage safer. We have new ships and a new organisation that, from the very start, have been adapting to the coronavirus pandemic. Such measures will also reduce exposure to other types of infection.

We are closely monitoring the coronavirus situation and measures that are being implemented in Norway and elsewhere throughout the world and are adapting our operations to the advice issued by the health authorities.

We will ensure that employees have good knowledge of infection control and provide appropriate information to guests.

Before the trip, you must check if you have symptoms. Then, unfortunately, you cannot travel with us.

Before boarding the ship, you must:

  • have carried out the quarantine and isolation in accordance with requirements from the Norwegian health authorities
  • undergo temperature check
  • take a rapid antigen test
  • submit a self-declaration if this has not already been done in connection with pre check-in

On board the ship, we encourage you to:

  • Limit number of close contacts and keep a distance of one metre from other travellers
  • Have good hand-, cough- hygiene

If you get symptoms on board, you must immediately report to the reception by phone, stay isolated in the cabin and take a rapid antigen test. If positive result, you must report this to the reception and still stay isolated in the cabin.

We provide:

  • The same rules for crew and passengers
  • Quick tests when you embark in addition to testing on board if you have symptoms or there is a suspicion of infection. As a minimum all persons are tested on board at least once on northbound and southbound sailing. Household members or similar close contacts to the infected person must be quarantined, and can test themselves out of the quarantine on day 7.
  • Other close contacts can be released from quarantine, but must be tested on days 3 and 5.
  • The quarantine obligation does not apply to persons who:
    • has had an covid-19 infection within the last three months
    • has taken a booster dose at least 1 week ago. They can instead test themselves daily.
  • Health and safety coordinator on board
  • We encourage our excursion suppliers that can be a close contact to take a rapid test before they meet our guests.
  • Facilitate the maintenance of the distance of 1 m
  • Crew who are trained in infection control and rapid testing
  • Announcement of current rules on board
  • Reminder to keep your distance by marking tables, chairs and floors.

The ship has:

  • Non-contact temperature measurement at the ship gangway and restaurant entrances
  • Non-contact dispensers with alcohol based hand sanitiser in common areas on the ship
  • Hand wash at the entrance to both restaurants
  • Closed café counter so that only the staff can touch the food
  • You get all food served directly to you - no buffets
  • Fresh air in the ventilation system for all rooms in the interior. All air to the ventilation system is taken from the fresh air outside the ship and is filtered. No air is recycled.
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection of common areas and contact surfaces
  • Defined isolation cabins for use in case of infection situation

Restrictions on board:

  • Jacuzzi and sauna will be closed
  • You can book time in the gym in the reception.
  • Travelling companions are seated together. Dinner times are set to have control over the numbers dinning.
  • Only invited visitors are allowed - which are tested and organized in groups of a maximum of 20.
  • Crew dining separately from guests
  • We advice our passengers to use face masks if 1m distancing is not possible to others than your close contacts.
  • Alcohol serving at the table, and stops at 23:00


  • Smittevern prosedyre ISM7-70
  • Smittevern prosedyre - Covid-19 ISM7-71
  • Egenerklæring Covid-19 ISM7-102

Travel to Norway (Norwegian goverment)

Snowmobiling in the polar night. Photo: Ørjan Bertelsen.

Infection control at excursions

Hygiene and infection control are top priorities during excursions with Havila Voyages. You will have a healthy and enjoyable experience with us.

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