Havila Capella sailing updates

Havila Capella sailing updates

Changes and updates regarding the coastal route Havila Capella.

Havila Capella

10.06.22 - Cancels additional voyage with Havila Capella

Havila Kystruten has announced that it has cancelled its voyage departing from Bergen on Friday 17th of June.

The company is currently waiting for clarification from the Norwegian authorities regarding insurance for Havila Capella and confirmation of when she can resume operations. Work is also continuing to find a more permanent solution, such as a change of ship ownership.

- We are entering high season and many of the passengers booked on Havila Capella will also have travel plans elsewhere in Norway. We are therefore announcing our plans today, in order to provide those guests as much notice as possible says CEO Bent Martini.

Havila Kystruten is unable to operate the ship without valid insurance, even though the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has granted a dispensation allowing her to sail for 6 months.

- It is frustrating that we have not been given clarification regarding insurance of the ship. The situation is beyond our control, and unfortunately, we have to wait until a decision is made says Martini.

Passengers who have booked the 17th of June departure can amend to an alternative departure on Havila Castor or receive a full refund.

24.05.2022 - Another round trip with Havila Capella cancelled

Havila Kystruten is forced cancel the upcoming round trip with Havila Capella, as no solution has been found for insuring the ship.

As reported in an earlier press release, the last one on 9th of May 2022, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected a dispensation application concerning insurance of the ship, even though Havila Kystruten had been granted a dispensation to operate the ship for a period of 6 months.“We are constantly working to find a temporary solution to put Havila Capella back in schedule. At the same time, we are working on a permanent solution which means that we take ownership of the ship”, explains CEO Bent Martini.“This is a demanding situation for us, and it is difficult to estimate on how long this will take”.The next planned tour for Havila Capella is scheduled to depart on Thursday 26 May at 20.30 from Bergen, and the voyage has now been canceled.“As we do not have a solution ready today, we have no choice but to cancel the next round trip. It is very unfortunate, first and foremost for all our guests, but also for our company”, Martini concludes.

09.05.2022 - Havila Voyages not allowed to insure Havila Capella

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has rejected the application for a exemption in order to insure Havila Capella.

In a decision made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 26 April 2022, it became known that they had granted Havila Kystruten a exemption from the sanctions regulations to operate Havila Capella for 6 months.

The exemption did not entail any right to insure the ship and on Monday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected the shipping company's application to take out insurance on the grounds that being able to take out insurance in itself would mean that a property is made available to the registered owner.

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As a result of this decision, we will have to cancel the voyage with Havila Capella leaving Bergen 15 May. Affected guests will be contacted.

29.04.2022 - Update regarding Capella

Havila Voyages is sorry to inform about continued uncertainty regarding the round trip with Havila Capella departing 4 May. 2022 from Bergen. This is due to circumstances beyond our control. 

However, we continue to work for a solution, and hope to get Havila Capella back in operation as soon as possible.

21.04.2022 - Havila Capella is still not allowed to sail

Due to the continued lack of approval from the authorities and thus uncertainty related to valid insurance on the ship, Havila Voyages must also cancel the next round trip with Havila Capella.

This week, Havila Voyages has worked in close dialogue with the Norwegian authorities to find a solution for the ship to sail again. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not yet reached a conclusion, and as a result, Havila Voyages will have to cancel the next voyage, which is scheduled to start on Saturday 23rdof April.  

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19.04.2022 - Information regarding Havila Capella

Havila Voyages is working along all conceivable channels to find a short-term solution to get Havila Capella back into operation as soon as possible. In the company's assessment, a short-term solution requires the participation of the Norwegian authorities in relation to sanctions against Russia.

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14.04.2022 - Roundtrip with Havila Capella cancelled

Havila Kystruten has been forced to cancel the round trip Bergen - Kirkenes -Bergen, due to the Norwegian authorities' assessment that the ship's insuranceis affected by sanctions against the leasing company. Passengers on board will receive assistance for their return home as soon aspossible, and passengers will receive a refund of their voyage tickets. Havila Kystruten strongly apologizes for the inconvenience to both passengers and the coastal population. Havila Kystruten will continue to work to ensure that Havila Capella can sail again as soon as possible.

13.04.2022 - All ports up to Bodø cancelled

We are still waiting for the authorities' response regarding our permission to sail Havila Capella. As a consequence, all ports up to Bodø have been canceled. All  pre-booked port-to-port tickets will be refunded. A compensation plan for already boarded guests will also be announced on board. 

12.04.2022 - Havila Capella delayed from Bergen

Due to an uncertainty related to insurance coverage, Havila Voyages has postponed the departure of Havila Capella from Bergen on Tuesday night.

The situation is a result of sanctions against the leasing company that has financed Havila Capella. Havila Voyages has established contact with Norwegian authorities to get a clarification as soon as possible.

“This is a very unfortunate situation for all our passengers who had been looking forward to sailing from Bergen on Tuesday night, and this is a situation that is outside our control”, says CEO Bent Martini.

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