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From 6 to 12 days

North- and southboundRound Voyage

Bergen → Kirkenes → Bergen

Havila castor seen from Skageflå in the Geirangerfjord. Photo: Oclin
12 days

NorthboundVoyage North

Bergen → Kirkenes

Atlantic Ocean road connected by bridges on small islands.
7 days

SouthboundVoyage South

Kirkenes → Bergen

Red houses on rocky shoreline with majestic mountains in the background.
6 days

From 2 to 3 days

NorthboundThe Magical Fjords of Norway

Bergen → Trondheim

Geiranger og de syv søstre.
3 days

NorthboundThe Northern Norwegian Adventure

Trondheim → Tromsø

River in Trondheim with colorful houses
3 days

NorthboundNorthern Tip of Europe

Tromsø → Kirkenes

Sami lavvo in Northern Lights.
3 days

SouthboundThe Arctic Dream

Kirkenes → Tromsø

Reindeer migration. Photo: Thomas Rasmus Skaug, visitnorway.com
2 days

SouthboundThe Arctic Circle and Lofoten

Tromsø → Trondheim

Lofoten, Henningsvær sett frå lufta med fotballbana fremst
3 days

SouthboundSea, Fjords and the Mountains

Trondheim → Bergen

The Atlantic Ocean Road with curvy roads and bridges.
2 days

Life onboard

Havila’s coastal cruise ship is your home from home for a little while. You will stay, sleep and eat here. And we want you to enjoy it.

Life onboard      Cabins      Things to do      Things to see

Outdoor deck and bar view from hot tubs.


Enjoy the powerful jets of hot water in the jacuzzi on the quarterdeck while looking out over the mountains and fjords. A great vantage point on the ship's outer promenade. 

A unique Norwegian culinary voyage

havila food stories waiter

Our food concept will take you on a unique Norwegian culinary voyage. Our chefs hand-pick the best raw ingredients from local Norwegian producers to create traditional and modern dishes. The most important ingredient is sustainability.

Cod from Lofoten - served in Havrand Restaurant, photo by Tom Haga

Flavours of Norway

Eating is about more than sustenance. A trip with Havila Voyages gives you the taste of Norway reflecting the bold, cold and clean natural environment. This creates memories that you can savour long after you have returned home.

Our four food universes

In Havrand Restaurant we shift between four regional menus changing every few days to reflect the part of the coast you are sailing in, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Dessert Havila Food Stories, photo by Tom Haga

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Things to do

Experience the highlights of the Norwegian coast through our varied excursion program. Whether you want to see the northern lights from a dog sled or eat self-caught king crab after a night of midnight sun.

Life onboard      Cabins      Things to do      Things to see

The Excursion Bucket List

North cape

North Cape plateau

At the ends of the Earth. The North Cape plateau rises a steep 307 meters straight up from the Arctic Ocean. You are standing on the European Continent’s most northerly point, looking out across a horizon so long that you see the Earth's curve.

Geiranger and Trollstigen

The Norwegian fjords constantly top the lists of the world's most beautiful places, and the Geirangerfjord is the queen of these fjords. Find your way up to the lookout point with a panoramic view of the landscape with the "The Seven Sisters" waterfalls, the village, and mountains.

Trollstigen panorama view point over mountains and steep mountain road.
Saltstraumen under bridge by Bodø.


Go on a boat trip to Saltstraumen, one of the world's strongest maelstroms, and see the famous vortexes up close. Bodø holds the largest population of sea eagles in the world, and you are very likely to encounter one of these majestic birds along your journey. 

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Things to see

The Norwegian coast, with its deep fjords and high mountains, its huge glaciers and myriad of islands and islets, awaits for you on this classic voyage between Bergen and Kirkenes. In summer, there is the midnight sun. And in winter, in the long polar night, the Northern Lights dance across the sky.

Life onboard      Cabins      Things to do      Things to see

Natural phenomenon

Couple enjoying the Northern Lights.

Northerns Lights

From October to March, the Northern Lights dance in the sky in northern Norway, best seen on dark, clear nights.

Viewpoint at Senja in the midnight sun. Photo: Alexander Benjaminsen, visitnorway.com

Midnight sun

The midnight sun is in the north from May to July, and the sun remains above the horizon day and night.

Norwegian nature

Reine in Lofoten, mountains around a fjord. Photo: Ferdinand Stohr, unsplash


The Norwegian landscape with its high mountains plunging into deep fjords is renowned for its beauty.



Few places in the world have such rugged coastlines with long branching fjords. In Norway, there are almost 1,200 fjords.  

Mountain with glacier. Photo visitnorway.com


Not all snow melts during the summer. There are currently around 1,600 majestic glaciers in Norway.

Svolvær. Photo: Unsplash/Valdemaras


Norway has 240,000 large and small islands, and thereby the world's second longest coastline.

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