Moose, Svartisen Glacier and Saltstraumen

Moose, Svartisen Glacier and Saltstraumen

Experience  both the mighty Svartisen Glacier and the world's strongest tidal current; Saltstraumen.

Boattrip to the Svartisen glacier. Photo: Karoline Pettersen, visitbodø, no

About the excursion

Wear good shoes and warm and windproof clothing. Be aware that you do not get all the way up to the glacier, but from the boat and the cafe you have a beautiful views of the glacier stretching   towards the water. We travel by bus to the charter boat which takes us across the fjord. The bus will wait and take us to Saltstraumen and back to the ship.

Direction: Northbound 

Disembakation port: Ørnes

Embarkation port: Bodø

Time: 10:00 - 14:00 

Måltid:  Coffee/tea and the norwegian speciality; lefse.

Level: 2 (Read more)

Season: Summer (4 Jun - 3 Sep) 

Min/max persons: 25-100

Bookingreference: ORSN1

Price:  from £ 222 per person

Three powerful facets of the natural world are waiting on this excursion. 

At the top of the mountains there is always snow and big and small glaciers, the largest of which is Svartisen, northern Scandinavia's largest glacier. The Svartisen (Black Ice) Glacier got its name not because it is so black, but because it is so blue! The deep blue colour of the ice contrasts with the fresh white snow drifts, and so the ice appears black. 

With the Glacier stretching towards the water, below we stop at a cafe where you can taste the Norwegian speciality, lefser, while enjoying a wonderful view to the glacial landscape. 

Nearby is a moose farm. Here you will meet the giant animal, also called the king of the Norwegian forest. The moose is the largest land mammal in Norway, and can be more than two meters at the shoulders not including the head and antlers. The moose lives normally free in the wild, but on this trip you get close to the king of the forest. The toughest come so close that they almost can give the king a kiss, but for many it's often close enough to admire the giant from a distance. 

On your way back to the ship, you can see the Saltstraumen, the world's strongest tidal current.  The sea forces itself through the narrow strait and into the fjord with a the height difference between the water on both sides of the strait of up to one metre. The strong currents can create whirlpools that are ten metres wide and four to five metres deep.  These violent currents are teaming with life. Cod, saithe, halibut, monkfish and wolf fish swim in shoals that make Saltstraumen an Eldorado for anglers.  

View to the Svartisen glacier. Photo: Emil Sollie Brixton Frames, Helgeland Reiseliv
Glacier Svartisen.

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