Fjellheisen Winter Hike in Tromsø

Fjellheisen Winter Hike in Tromsø

Go on a snowshoe hike on the local mountain of Tromsø, Fløya, and learn about the arctic superfood.

About the excursion

You gather at the base camp, close to the quay, for a quick briefing before getting into minibus transporting you to the mountain lift. It takes you to the top of Fløya. Here, you step into your borrowed snowshoes and walk on deep snow while enjoying the spectacular view of Tromsø. Afterwards, you get to taste locally produced delicacies  and learn about the Artic natural food resource, kelp. Wear sturdy, water-resistant hiking boots and  warm clothes in several layers. Junior snowshoes are available for ages 12+.

Direction: Northbound

Disembarkation port: Tromsø

Embarkation port: Tromsø

Time: 14:30 - 18:00

Meal: Taste of delicacies made from Arctic kelp

Level:  3 (Read more)

Season: December 1st - March 15th

Min/max persons: 8 – 12

Minimum age: 12

Booking reference: TOSN8

Price: From £ 193 - $ 233


The local mountain, Fløya, offers the best view overlooking the entire Tromsøya (Tromsø Island). The peak, which rises 421 meters above the frozen fjord of Tromsø, is accessible by cable car, so you save some time on your way up. That way, you get the most out of your snowshoe journey as you cross the plateau on the top of the mountain underneath the beautiful twilight of the polar night.

The experienced guide will lead the way on your hike, lasting for approximately one hour. Afterwards, you will return to the base of the mountain, and then to the Pukka Travels Basecamp in which a special tasting experience is awaiting you and you will learn about the most exciting renewable resource of the Arctic, kelp.

In addition to tasting the fresh delicacies, you will watch an interactive presentation, given by a local expert, explaining the importance of the kelp in the ecosystem and how this superfood can be used in a number of ways.

At last, you return to the Havila Voyages coastal cruise ship and continue your northbound journey.


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