Autumn visit to the Sami

Autumn visit to the Sami

This excursion allows you to be a guest of a Sami family and meet the indigenous people of the North. Visit them in their traditional lavvo tent and taste the healing herbs of the north, while the reindeer graze on the surrounding plateau.
Sami man_foto_ørjan_bertelsen

About the excursion

Wear warm clothes and comfortable footwear.  On the bus from Kjøllefjord to Mehamn, you will also hear about the area we drive through.

Direction: Northbound

Disembarkation port: Kjøllefjord

Embarkation port: Mehamn

Time: 17:00-19:30  

Meal: Warm broth and coffee are served, and you can taste traditional Sami dishes and herbs.

Level: 1 (Read more)

Season: Autumn (6 Sep - 31 Oct)

Min/max persons: 8-49

Booking reference: KJDN3

Price: From £ 98 per person

Sami lavvos in the sunset. Photo: Ørjan Bertelsen, Arctic Coast

The Sami, the indigenous people of the North, have traditionally been nomads, where reindeer herding has provided both food and clothing.  On this excursion you get to learn about their knowledge of nature and the healing herbs and medicines it can provide. You also get to taste a variety of different Sami dishes. 

The Sami have their own culture, their own language and, not least, their own music. You will hear their special form of song, joik and see their handicrafts and beautiful, colourful clothes that also feature in the Sami flag. You will also hear about the Sami shaman, Noaiden, who is the spirit man and medicine man of the Sami culture.  

Sami couple.foto_ørjan_bertelsen

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